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Real Money Online Craps

Do you know how much fun you will get while being with the casino you love? If you like to call yourself a craps lover, Red Dog Casino is just the place for you. Over here, you will have all chances to bet on the online craps for real money. It is true! From a Place bet to a pass line bet, you can roll your luck dices for high lucrative odds.

The game of Craps is exciting, where you need to wager on the outcome of one or multiple dice rolls of one or two dices. The game was developed in the United States and became immensely popular after World War II. And now, with the help of new technologies and an internet connection, you can intrude into the same craps excitement from your drawing-room. Hence, for playing real money craps, you just need to connect your mobile or computer to a stable internet connection, visit our site, and get registered for welcome offers, and start assuming outcomes for winning.

Real Money Craps vs. Free Craps

Craps online for money simply equates to lots of fun. If you have a prior idea of different kinds of bets, placed in a craps game, you will more likely love the high odds and the fast-paced game that does not require any study, memorization of basic strategies. You just need to gather the knowledge to place a bet and take the odds. That is all you need to have before you start with your dices.

However, a betting table of craps may seem a little overwhelming to eyes without having any prior knowledge. Thus, free craps versions are available with a sole responsibility to get accustomed to an upcoming shooter with this magnificent game.

For a beginner, the table of craps with hundreds of lines, areas, and different types of bets can be a little perplexing. But thanks to the free craps versions available at our site, you can easily gather the knowledge of different bet levels and odds, only to become pro in craps gambling. And, try your luck with other highrollers shortly.

However, the amusement of playing this game will be immensely high when you accrue all the knowledge and basic ideas of the game from a free version. Now, you can start rolling for the best online craps for real money. 

Craps Odds

Before playing real craps online, you need to have a proper idea of the game’s odds and its calculation. In a game of craps, if an event has 1 to 1 odds, it means the event has a 50% chance of occurring. Most of the craps games are played with a pair of dices, and each dice has six sides. Thus, six possible outcomes are lashed onto it. As a result, two dices create 6 x 6 or exactly 36 possible outcomes with each rolling.

As just one combination can bestow you with a sum of 12 (6 + 6), the possibility of this with a role is 1 in 36.

For a journey towards becoming a highroller of a game of craps, be aware of the odds of rolled numbers before 7. To give you an example, odds of rolling a 5 just before a 7 by two dices are 6 to 4. We can accumulate the odds, as there are 6 ways to create a 7 against 4 ways for making the 5.

For figuring this out, find out the number of ways a 5 can be made using two dices. There are total four ways for that (4 + 1, 3 + 2, 2 + 3, and 1 + 4). Then take the total number of combinations that two dices together can create for a comparison. There are thirty-six combinations for two dices to make.

Now, you can easily have a four in thirty-six or one within nine chances for a 5 to come upon any given roll. For expressing these odds, you can speak the odds against rolling a 5 are just 8 to 1. Speaking these odds in this way is quite common, as there are eight chances of not rolling a 5 against rolling a 5 for exact nine rolls.

The house edge in a game of craps is different and based on the kinds of bets available. This game is one among them with a minimum house edge in the casino. Many bets do not even have any house edge. However, for other kinds, this can go up to 16.67%.

Craps Money Management

Management of your money while you play craps online for real money can be the alpha of becoming a consistent winner. As betting in wrong options and the fast pace of the game can often leave you amid a scarcity of cash, using a money management strategy and stick on to is immensely necessary for all the craps gamblers.

  • Set a Specific Bankroll to Fuel Your Game-Play

Money management just limits the amount with which you will appear on a craps table. Moreover, you need to consider the amount to put at risk with every betting round. Thus, setting up a specific bankroll can immensely help you to minimize the losses. While gambling on craps tables, do not have any miraculous expectations if you are running under your bankroll. Always separate the bankroll from any other cash within your pocket.

  • Split Your Entire Bankroll into Smaller Parts

According to experts, if you can split your entire bankroll into different smaller sections, it can help you in playing online casino craps real money version. The allocation of your money to a particular session will depend on the minimum betting limit of the table you are playing. Though if you can start with a bankroll, which is ten times more than the amount you have invested in your first bet, you can increase your winning chance by remaining on the table for a long time.

  • Set Win Goal for Every Craps Session

For gaining some money from real craps online, you need to adhere to a few basic rules strongly. One of them is setting a goal for winning. Before plunging your mind into the gambling table, you need to have a decent idea of when to quit. Overstaying with the session can often make you lose your profit and giving more to the house.

However, with a proper winning target, you can generate small but constant winning profits. Generally, on a day, when your luck isn’t following you, after getting 20% of your goal, you can leave the table. But, if you are feeling the luck with you, you can roll the dice for a bit longer.

  • Play with the Guarantee and Excess Approach

Many bettors do not want to set any winning goal for playing real cash craps because they think it would limit their winning possibilities at the table. This concept is undisciplined and may even make you lose some more cash. But, winnings will be granted if you can follow the guarantee and excess approach. This process will never make your pockets numb and point you out in the right direction.

To give you an example, let us assume that you were playing internet craps for real money and reserved $300, and after playing one successful table, you have accrued $60 more. Now, for playing more rounds, do not wager from your initial bankroll further, and divide your winning amount into two portions. Keep one portion of it that is $30, with your initial bankroll, and wager the other part. In this way, you can ensure to receive a minimum profit of $30 even if you lose anything further.

Best Craps Betting Strategies

Pass and Come Bets, the Right Way - Playing while being the right way bettor is often considered an excellent strategy for playing the best online craps for real money. Playing pass and come bets are among the best kinds of bets in craps because of their low house-edge and often a perfect gambling option for the beginners.

Playing Pass Line Bets - While playing craps game online for money, wagering for pass line bets are often considered as lucrative because of its distinctive low house edge of 1.41%. Besides, as there are just 4 ways of losing, the players always remain on the upper hand. You will only lose on rolling for 2, 3, or 12. Another way of losing is rolling a seven right after the point number has arrived.

Come Bet Craps Strategy - This bet is very similar to the pass line bet. But, you can place it anytime after the arrival of a point number. If the shooter rolls and outcome is one from 2, 3, or 12, you lose. And if the point number is 7 or 11, you will win the round. Greater winning chances than losing make these bets more favorable for the bettors.

Wrong-Way Betting, Don't Come and Don't Pass Bets - A wrong-way craps strategy can be another option. By betting the wrong way, you will have an opportunity of betting against the majority of the bettors, betting Pass and Come bets. In this scenario, if you wager on the Don’t pass bet, you have more chances of winning when everyone else is losing. However, this process can go vice versa. Thus, bets like these are more palatable wagering options.

Tips to Increase your Chances of Winning at Online Craps

Apart from the strategies written above, there are few more tips and tricks to enhance your winning chances at a craps table:

  1. Play craps online real money with proper dice control, look out for those shooters, who don't shake the dices before rolling and throw it the same way every time. These bettors have better dice control than any other random bettors at the table. If you have found one like this, play with him, and bet with him, especially if he is winning.
  1. Another strategy of playing real craps gambling online is hit-and-run if you have enough knowledge of the advanced wagers. If you are looking for a quick and big win, bet on the long odds. After gaining the desired amount, now it is your time to cut and run. Leaving the board after winning is necessary because otherwise, chances of losing will be more.
  1. Play craps for real money and go with the streak, wager more only when you feel your luck is with you. Otherwise, do not wager more money.
  1. While playing real craps, watch the betting pattern of highrollers, who have maximum chips on the table. Nobody has stopped you from emulating the table winners since imitation is just another name of flattery.

Why Play Real Money Craps at Red Dog Casino?

  1. Firstly, you need to gamble in a casino, regulated by a well-known gaming authority. Red Dog Casino is reliable, as the Curaçao gaming authority regulates it and TST audits for fairness in its games.
  1. Besides, if you choose Red Dog Casino for gambling, you can boost up your gameplay by lucrative welcome bonuses and cashback offers.
  1. With accepting fiat currencies like USD, EUR and AUD, you can play with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as well.
  1. Besides, you can play mobile craps for real money, since their casino experience is not limited to computer screens. You do not need to download any real money craps app for playing since the casino’s gaming software is easily accessible through mobile browsers.


Who is called a shooter in craps?

The player who is rolling the dices on the table is considered a shooter.

By whom a craps table is operated?

A stickman, a boxman, and two base dealers operate a craps table.

What is a horn in craps?

A horn means wagering on 4 different bets like 2, 3, 11, and 12 at a time.

What kinds of bets are suitable for beginners?

As a beginner, you should bet more on the pass bet, since it is the most basic one on a craps table.