Mission Guide

You discovered my extra special playground? Just about time! Let me show you around, pal – it's a whole new dimension of fun! Want a change of pace from your favorite slots? Take on the heroic challenges! Craving some novelty on each visit? Don't miss the daily adventures! Looking for extra bonus treats? They're all here in the Store! Literally every step you take in the parlor can be a rewarding game, and you decide when and how to approach it – all aboard!

levelsLevels are the cornerstone of fun, pal! Each time you reach a new one, I'll fetch some fresh missions, resupply the Store with chunkier bonuses and unveil even more upcoming levels. 
See that bar in the top right? This is where you track progress - rake in enough points, and you'll get a level upgrade in no time! How many are there after 'New Friend'? We'll have to find that out together!
The best part about it? Levels and VIP ranks are totally separate - you get to keep all your VIP privileges regardless of level progress, and all those level-up goodies will just add up on top!