We are all used to seeing brave guys in cowboy hats in wild-west-themed games. Dreamcatcher by DiceLab is a different case. Playing this slot game with some Native-American flavor, you will dive into the spirit world, where the bear, cougar, deer, and eagle spirits will lead you to victory.

Dreamcatcher at Red Dog casino is 5-reel 20 fixed paylines (left to right only) slot machine with 95.5% RTP, which provides you with colorful and exciting joy depending on your luck. No one in no way can influence the results on the reels!

Theme and Design

Dreamcatcher slot machine featuring Native American setting. You can see the evening forest in the background. Dusk is the time when the most mystical things occur, and it is exactly the case here.

DiceLab decorated the gameboard with feathers and totems and added some minor animations imitating the wind blow to make the screen more dynamic. All the buttons are located on the left: the spin button, bet controls, settings, and information about the game. You can see the information about your balance, wins, and current bet, considering all the paylines, in the bottom.

Gameplay Features

DiceLab decided not to invent anything revolutionary new here, using the best already-known features instead. There are 4 spirit symbols in this game:

  • 5 bears in a payline will get you $75;
  • 5 cougars in a payline will get you $37.50;
  • 5 eagles in a payline will get you $20;
  • 5 deer in a payline will get you $10.

Payouts from other symbols are even smaller, with the tinies of $0.25 for 3 “10” symbols in a payline.

There are two wild symbols in the game: the dreamcatcher and the totem. Both of them substitute all other symbols except for scatters, but the dreamcatcher wild also randomly converts them into wilds.

Players can activate the cash bonus game feature by hitting 3 or more scatters. Three scatters appear on the screen during this bonus feature, each hiding a valuable prize. Depending on the number of scatters you initially got on the reels, you can open up to all three of them. So if you play Dreamcatcher for real money – this feature is the juiciest piece for you.

Winning the Game

You are probably reading this Dreamcatcher slot review to find a secret method to win all the time, but, unfortunately, there is no such. However, if the spirits are on your side – you can get some cash in the dreamweaver’s net. If they are not – well, dance around the totem and sing ritual songs to please them.


Is there any way to play this game just for fun?

Fun is the main reason games are created, so yes, there is such a way! Do not log in to your Red Dog account, or if you are in – then log out and play Dreamcatcher online slot for free! It is a demo version of the game, and you get a pile of virtual cash to enjoy.

What about phones and tablets?

You can play any game at Red Dog casino on your mobile device. All our titles are perfectly optimized for mobile screens, so you should have no problems at all.

Can I win a jackpot in Dreamcatcher?

Dreamcatcher slot does not feature any jackpots, compensating with a bunch of other cool features.


Dreamcatcher slots, first of all, buy the players’ love with its unusual setting. It will fit all those who love the mystic atmosphere and enjoy reading Castaneda’s books. All the gaming features come in second place, but they are still great and make the gaming process much more diverse.

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