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Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games for today. The game has many great variations. It takes little effort for any enthusiastic player to get the hang of the game. 

Beginners and advanced players have the chance to play and build up their skills. However, there is an exciting development. Blackjack has become a casino game that is easily accessible on mobile devices. 

The major mobile platforms support Blackjack. Android, Windows, and Apple operating systems all offer extensive support for mobile Blackjack games. The graphics and sound effects offer the reality of a live casino to a large extent. 

Many new Android Blackjack games offer standard designs and superb features that guarantee maximum satisfaction. You need to know some things about mobile Blackjack, especially if you are an amateur player.

Playing Blackjack on Smartphones and Tablets

Since the turn of the 21st century, smartphones and tablets have become increasingly popular. Everybody has a mobile phone in their pocket these days. The introduction of these gadgets has given players a chance to play Blackjack from the comfort of their mobile devices. In the past, this was not the case. Blackjack lovers had to go to live land-based casinos to play. 

The only better option in the late 20th century was a PC. However, a personal computer does not offer enough mobility. Smartphones and tablets give players the chance to play Blackjack from any place they are located. It could be in the house, college, store, bus or any other place.

Another interesting fact is that online mobile Blackjack shares the same rules as brick-and-mortar casino Blackjack. The game offers an interface that is similar to a Blackjack table with cards on it. Players can use special buttons on their smartphones to determine the amount they want to bet. There are controls to split, hit, stand or double down. 

Players whose main objective is to play free mobile Blackjack should go-ahead to play demo versions. The demo mode will introduce you to the background and rules of the game. You also have the chance to build your confidence and skills. After that, you can proceed to play for real money. 

The standard methods available to deposit and withdraw funds to play mobile Blackjack include Bitcoin and the use of credit cards. At Red Dog Casino, players can also use Neosurf for making deposits.

Advantages of Playing Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack for mobile devices offers several advantages for players. Some individuals still think desktop computers are the best tools to play. They are not convinced about the functionality and versatility of mobile Blackjack. There could also be fears over the availability of security features. Here are some of the benefits of mobile Blackjack:

  • You have enough privacy for yourself

There could be circumstances that you don’t want people to know that you gamble. The chances of getting caught while playing on a personal computer are higher than that of a mobile. A smartphone saves you from such trouble. Mobile Blackjack keeps your playing private and secure. 

  • There are great rewards and bonuses

Blackjack mobile bonus offers are exciting and lucrative. The fact that you play on mobile does not hamper your success count. You can still win significant payouts and rewards. Mobile Blackjack has a low house advantage. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any worry over depleting your bonus.

  • Players can experience more convenience

You have complete access to both real money and free Blackjack variants. There is no need to leave the comfort of your house. Mobile Blackjack gives you time and space to place your attention on the game. Traditional Blackjack tables in casinos contain many people moving back and forth. These people make a lot of noise. This circumstance can prove distracting for new players. It can also affect experienced players alike. Another thing is that you don’t have to wear an expensive suit to play. All you need is your phone and a stable Internet connection.

  • Security of payments is assured

There is great ease in making deposits or withdrawals with your mobile phone. Your mobile bill can serve as a means of funding your game account. It is also possible to create cryptocurrency wallets on mobile phones. With these options, the mobile transaction system is faster than that of a desktop. Mobile Blackjack offers standard security with the provision of One Time Passwords (OTP). No operator can gain unlawful access to your game account. Red Dog Casino powered by RTG ensures full safety of your data and payments.

  • The game control mechanics are easier to handle

It is easier to control a game by tapping on the computer screen than using a computer mouse. It also takes a little time to boot up a computer system. On the other hand, you can start the Blackjack game on your mobile and start playing immediately. Players can even keep their game screen on standby mode and continue later.

RTG Blackjack Variations

RealTime Gaming has been a core entity in the Blackjack gaming industry. They strive to provide realistic games for players. The major games that the company offers include:

  • Blackjack
  • Match Play 21
  • Blackjack + Perfect Pairs
  • Pontoon
  • Super 21
  • European Blackjack
  • Face Up 21
  • Super 21
  • Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack

The above mentioned RTG Blackjack variations are available on mobile at Red Dog Casino, and below, you will find the game rules for some Blackjack versions.

Blackjack: RealTime Gaming offers standard Blackjack. The number of decks in the game determines the house edge. The house edge for 2, 4, and 6 decks are 0.34%, 0.49% and 0.54%, respectively. Blackjack has the following rules:

  • The dealer can hit on a soft 17.
  • Players can double down after splitting.
  • Except for aces, re-splitting is allowed.

Pontoon: The majority of the rules in this game vary a lot from standard Blackjack. A Blackjack combination is called a Pontoon in this game. This game pays 2:1 for a Pontoon - the points on each hand matter. A bust refers to any hand with 22 points or higher. The main features of this game are:

  • This game has a house edge of 0.38%.
  • The dealer wins all ties.
  • There is no option to surrender in this game.
  • A player is allowed to double down on 2,3 or 4 card hands.
  • There is a chance to hit after doubling down and double after splitting.

Face Up 21: This game is also commonly known as double exposure Blackjack. One major thing about Face Up 21 is that the dealer’s two cards are exposed, not only one. The features of this game include:

  • There is no “surrender” option available.
  • You are not allowed to re-split aces.
  • The game has a house edge of 0.75%.
  • The dealer can hit on a soft 17.
  • A player can only double down on a 9, 10, or 11.

European Blackjack: This is another excellent variation of Blackjack from RealTime Gaming. The characteristics of the game include:

  • A player is allowed to double down on a 9, 10, or 11.
  • There are two decks of cards in the game.
  • It has a house edge of 0.57%.
  • Except for aces, a player can split pairs up to 3 hands.
  • The dealer cannot check for Blackjack. However, they can stand on all 17s.

Blackjack + Perfect Pairs: This game has similar rules to the typical Blackjack game. The optional side bet is the major exception. The house edge on side bets is relatively high. A side bet typically involves whether you will get two cards of the same suit or not. Your payout depends on the color of your card’s pair.

Important Tips for Playing Mobile Blackjack

While playing mobile Blackjack, you will be staring at the screen for a great deal of time. The following tips will be of use when you are in the heat of the action. They include:

  • A secure connection is essential: You need a safe and fast Internet connection. The speed of your Internet connection will facilitate. If you can’t identify the Wi-Fi source you are connected to, don’t link up with it. Connect to a secure network.
  • Take occasional breaks for a few minutes: It is not suitable for you to keep your eyes fixed on the screen for too long. Not to strain your eyes, take short breaks. A few minutes will be enough for your eyes to rest.
  • Keep track of your bet amount: It would be good if you play mobile Blackjack games for free first. When you have gained enough experience, play for real money. That will raise your chances of winning high payouts.

How to Start Playing with Red Dog

Red Dog is a top-notch Roulette casino for Blackjack games. It supports mobile play without any necessary need for downloads. Moreover, the mobile casino is safe and supportive. The minimum deposit amount to play is $10 for Neosurf, while the maximum is $2,500 for BTC. Your withdrawal limit depends on the transaction method that you select. 

There are cool Blackjack variations to play in this mobile Blackjack casino. Examples include Super 21, Pontoon, Blackjack + Perfect Pairs, Face Up 21, etc. Consider playing there at the slightest opportunity. The casino allows deposits via Bitcoin, credit card (VISA, MasterCard), and Neosurf, while withdrawals can be obtained via VISA, MasterCard, Bank Wire, and Bitcoin. They also offer interactive customer care through email, live chat, and toll-free phone lines. 


What are the best mobile devices that I can use to play mobile Blackjack?

There are three primary options you have. You can choose to use Android, iPhone, or iPad devices. There are several Android Blackjack variations available. Google Play Store also has a lot to offer players. iPhones provide a system with optimized and sophisticated performance to help players enjoy online mobile Blackjack games. iPhone Blackjack games work perfectly. iPad devices are also no exception in terms of performance. You have the advantage of a large screen, which will be useful for multi-table games. The most important thing when you play real money mobile Blackjack is an Internet connection.

Is there any sign of rigging in mobile Blackjack games?

No. These games are not rigged. The gameplay has been randomized independently. There is no dirty play going on. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing a free or real money version.

Is it legal to play mobile Blackjack?

In most locations, the answer is yes. You can play Blackjack on mobile without restriction in most places. However, a few places on the globe have regulations against online gambling and mobile Blackjack. 

Nevertheless, in most cases, such laws are against mobile Blackjack providers, not the players themselves. To be in a safe position, find out about the laws in your location to know about the acceptability of mobile Blackjack. At Red Dog Casino, players from a vast majority of countries can play. You can check out the list of restricted countries in the Terms section on their website.

What is the minimum age I must attain before I can play mobile Blackjack?

The answer to this question is subjective. It depends on the rules of your country. In most cases, the general rule is that you have to be 21 or older before playing mobile Blackjack. Ensure that you review your local laws to know if you are old enough.

What are the strategies I need to know to play mobile Blackjack?

Most Blackjack games have a low house edge. If you play this game with a good strategy, you will get the best from the game. Familiarize yourself with what to do for each dealer up card. 

The dealer’s up card has a relationship with the point totals in your hand. Set up your strategy to know what time to double, split, hit, or relax a bit.


Mobile Blackjack variant is perfect for the player who seeks ease and functionality. It offers you the chance to think about your moves carefully. The game action in a brick-and-mortar casino is fast-paced. Therefore, most players don’t have the time to calculate their next activities. 

Most Blackjack variations run smoothly on devices powered by Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. The rules of the mobile game are the same as that of a land-based casino. However, every action is easier on the mobile version. 

With a few taps, players can start winning large amounts. They can also adjust game speed, volume, and other features to suit their taste. Red Dog is the best mobile Blackjack casino for any player. There are awesome rewards and bonuses that can substantially boost your profits. Nothing will slow down your playing experience on your way to excellence.