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High Stakes Roulette

High stakes roulette is a casino game that gives high roller players the ultimate experience. When playing this game, bets are placed using chips of higher values. For instance, a player can bet up to $500 per spin on a single table. Essentially, this is the game to play when you have a significant sum of money to gamble with. To enjoy bigger wins, you should play at a casino that offers high betting stakes. Red Dog Casino is one such casino. 

Red Dog Casino has fair terms and conditions, excellent customer support, and better games genuineness. It’s a licensed casino with reasonable deposit and withdrawal limits. Thus, your money will be safe when playing roulette games with no or high limits at Red Dog Casino. 

Roulette is generally among the most popular online casino games. Therefore, it's not surprising that operators of some of the most established casinos offer roulette that caters to high rollers’ needs. The best high limit roulette casino allows high rollers to join the high stake roulette tables. The variations of high roller roulettes come with chips denominations of $50, $100, and $500. 

A single bet of $500 per spin may seem risky. However, it has higher potential wins of up to $18,000. This renders the high-stake variants of this game ideal for gamers with bigger bankrolls. 

Guide to High Stakes Roulette

The high limit online roulette does not differ much from the one played at a land-based casino. That’s because both games have almost the same rules. Even the wagers that can be placed are the same. A gamer doesn’t have a chance to place a less daring outside bet like an Odd/Even, Dozens, Red/Black, as well as, inside bets like Split, Corner, and Straight Up, which are riskier. 

Most casinos have $1 as the table minimum. The minimum table limits depend on the operator of a casino, and RTG also provides a $1 bet limit for any bets. To play this game, a player selects chips with varying denominations. Red Dog online casino has a maximum bet size of $250 on any types of bets. 

Placing a bet is easy. Start by clicking on a chip to choose the chip value of the denomination that you prefer at the screen’s bottom. The chip that you have selected the denomination will turn to a bigger one. 

Some high stakes online roulette games have a visualized betting layout above the wheel. Each bet and a respective payout is highlighted when a player hovers the cursor over a betting cloth. This makes placing the bet convenient for the player. A gamer can also bet on one number or several numbers. 

A chip with a preferred denomination of the player is deposited on a betting cloth in a corresponding box when they click on a specific bet area. A player can place another bet of a similar value or combine chips of different denominations for the same bet. 

After placing the bet, a player should click the ‘Spin’ button. The machine will spin the ball as the player waits for it to rest and reveal the result of the draw. The winning of the player is immediately credited to their account if the number or a combination of them is spun. A player can repeat the bet from their previous game. To do this, click on a ‘Rebet’ button. The wagered amount is forfeited from the player’s account if they haven’t been lucky. 

RTG High Stake RNG Roulette Variations

RealTime Gaming or RTG is one of the major software developers in the online gaming industry. Established in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998, this company has developed many slot games and some roulette variations. The most common RTG roulette variations are the French roulette high limit, European roulette, and the American roulette.

French Roulette

This is a relatively new addition to the gaming collection of this developer. It comes with top-notch graphics, better visual quality, additional bet types, and improved features. The layout of French roulette by RealTime Gaming is the same. However, all features, bets, and features are accessed from convenient and compact menus. There are also the Clear and Undo functions that a player can use if they don’t want to change the bets manually. A player can also press the Rebet button to bet with the same amount as in the previous stake.

French roulette by RTG offers the Neighbor Bet, Voisins du Zero, Orphans, Tiers du Cylindre, and Cheval, Transversale, Plein, Manque, and Passe bets. 

European Roulette

This high limit roulette by RealTime Gaming is based on a one zero wheel. It comes with a classic design, and the table can have a blue or a green color. It has four major chip denominations that a player can choose from. These are $1, $5, $25, and $100. The bets that players can place range from $1 to $500 per spin. 

A gamer can place all regular bets. However, they can also access the racetrack layout to make Neighbor bets and Call Bets like Tiers, Orphans, and Voisins. 

American Roulette

The American roulette by RealTime Gaming has the same outer appearance and design as the European roulette. However, it is among the best classic games that can be played at an online casino. It uses the double-zero pocket on the wheel while allowing players to make both the Outside and Inside Bets. 

But, this game doesn’t feature a layout for additional betting. Thus, it does not support Call Bets and Neighbor Bets, but it still has 5-Number, 6-Number, Split, Street, and Corner bets. Because of the 2 green pockets for the 00 and the 0, the theoretical RTP of this game stands at 94.74%. 

RTG’s roulette games are computer-based. That means they use a Random Number Generator or RNG. This helps in determining the outcome of every spin. And, this is what makes them differ from live dealer roulette games. Essentially, live dealer games involve a human dealer whose role is to spin the wheel. 

Many VIP players do not like high limit RNG roulette games due to their limits. But, some roulette games have high limits. Thus, players should not overlook high-limit RNG roulette. Some of the roulette games with higher betting limits include: 

  • VIP Roulette French 
  • Video Roulette 
  • Roulette VIP 

When compared to live dealer games, RTG roulette games have a high speed. That’s because a player doesn’t have to wait for a dealer before they can place the bet and spin the wheel. Additionally, a player can opt to play on fast play or auto-play. Thus, they enjoy the freedom of choosing their gameplay option. 

Payment Methods - Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees Info

When playing high or no limit roulette, you need a suitable payment method for depositing and withdrawing cash into and out of your online casino account. Essentially, you need a banking method that makes depositing and withdrawing a large amount of money easier. 


Some of the most popular payment methods that are accepted by high deposit roulette Red Dog casino include Visa, MasterCard, and BTC. That’s because these are some of the payment methods with the highest limits when it comes to depositing money. Another deposit method available at Red Dog is Neosurf. 

Red Dog Casino website allows players to regulate their limits in certain ways, especially after becoming a loyal player. What’s more, the customer care representatives of Red Dog Casino help players increase their limits. Thus, a player can negotiate their terms if not impressed by the maximum amount that they are allowed to deposit. 


When it comes to withdrawals, every casino sets its limits. For instance, Red Dog Casino won’t allow for maximum cash out of $2,500. This seems to be the standard limit for most casinos. The banking methods for money withdrawal are Credit Card, Bank Wire, and Bitcoin.


Red Dog Casino doesn’t charge extra fees for depositing or withdrawing money to/from a casino that allows players to place high roulette bets. But, research more about the transaction, as some banks may charge fees, and you have to be aware of that. 


What is a high stake roulette?

This is a roulette version that allows a player to place considerably larger bets. Some online casinos allow players to place bets of up to $10,000 when playing roulette. What’s more, the amount that a player can win is significantly larger. Thus, this is a roulette version that can make a player rich. Nevertheless, the standard rules of roulette are followed when playing this version of the game. Only that the amount of money that can be wagered on the bets that are considered risky is very high. The amount that a player can bet depends on the casino and the chosen bet type. 

What is the best RNG roulette game for a high roller?

Roulette games are the favorite choice for high rollers across the world. This can largely be attributed to the excitement that most players enjoy when they watch the ball jumping around a wheel and the larger wager online. Some of the best RNG roulette games for higher rollers include the French Roulette Gold, Roulette VIP, and VIP Roulette French. 

Is there a winning high stakes roulette strategy?

No. No strategy can be used to negate the standard house edge when playing high stake roulette. However, you can find a betting strategy that will enable you to extend your bankroll duration, thereby increasing your chances of getting lucky. However, the odds are ultimately in favor of the casino. 

What payout can I expect when playing high stake roulette games?

The payout that you can expect when playing these games will depend on the placed bet. For instance, low-risk wagers such as odds or evens and red or black payout at a lower ratio than high-risk wagers, including a straight. What’s more, payout ratios vary among different versions of online roulette. Therefore, check out the payout ratio for the roulette game that you want to play. 

What is the maximum amount that I can bet when playing high stake roulette?

The high bets at roulette depend on your chosen game and casino. Therefore, this question doesn’t have a single answer because the limits for some games can be lower while others can offer larger bets to high rollers. Therefore, check your chosen table first to know the maximum bet amount. 

Is it safe to bet at the high limits that are allowed by high stake roulette?

It depends on whether you’re comfortable with the high betting limits or not. If you have a bankroll that allows you to bet at these limits, you should find it safer. Nevertheless, bet at a reputable site like Red Dog Casino. That way, you can be sure that your money will be safe. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to exercise responsible gambling. Thus, place a bet that you can afford to gamble with and always remember that there is a possibility of losing your money. 

How do I win big playing roulette?

Most high rollers agree that the only way a player can win big when playing roulette is simply going big. Some players have unique strategies like 1-2-3-6 and Martingale that they count on to win big. But, the best approach is to bet reasonably. If you have a winning strategy, stick to it, and have a limit. Know when to go home even when you’re winning. 

Should I play high stakes roulette to get rich?

Some players have become rich from playing roulette. However, your goal should not be to get rich when playing this game. Don’t forget that roulette is generally a game of chance. No skills can help you win in it. As such, making money when playing this game is dependent mainly on luck. 

Is roulette an ideal game for high rollers?

Most people do not know roulette as a top game for high rollers. However, several high rollers enjoy playing this game online. So, as long as high rollers enjoy roulette and find a table with betting limits, which are high enough for them, it becomes ideal. 

Can I beat Roulette?

You can win when playing roulette. However, this game comes with a built-in house edge. This is the case for most casino games. As such, the house will always win in the long run.