The Tree of Prosperity

Ready for an enchanting world of wealth? Then, welcome to The Tree of Prosperity at Red Dog Casino. This captivating slot game, powered by a renowned provider, allows players to embark on a journey filled with wealth and prosperity. With 5 reels, 20 paylines, and an intriguing theme, this game promises an exciting adventure that blends fortune and opportunity. Get ready to find out more in our The Tree of Prosperity slot review.

Theme & Design

The Tree of Prosperity by DiceLab welcomes players into a world of opulence and mystique. The game's layout is a visual masterpiece, featuring intricate designs and vibrant colors that transport players to a realm of prosperity. The backdrop showcases a tranquil garden with a majestic tree at its center, symbolizing the potential for abundant riches. The reel symbols are adorned with golden prosperity symbols that add to the game's overall aura of wealth and good fortune. The design immerses players in an atmosphere of prosperity, making each spin an enchanting experience.

Gameplay Features

The slot machine revolves around key symbols and features that enhance the gameplay experience. The dragon, acting as the Wild symbol, plays a pivotal role by substituting for all other symbols except the scatter. The dragon's rewards are generous, offering payouts of x5 for $50, x4 for $15, and x3 for $6.25.

The Fortune Tree, represented as the Scatter symbol, can land anywhere on the reels and has the power to trigger Charmed Bonuses Free Games. The other golden prosperity symbols can also yield rewards ranging from $0.15 for x3 to a remarkable $25 for x5.

Winning the Game

Players must harness the game's unique features and symbols to win big in The Tree of Prosperity. Landing three or more scatters initiates the Charmed Bonuses Free Game, with the number of initially provided free spins determined by the number of triggering scatters. Players can receive 25 initial free spins for x5 scatters, 15 for x4 scatters, and 10 for x3 scatters.

The fortune tree reveals its mystical powers during the Charmed Bonuses Free Game. It can grant players 2 to 5 random wild symbols, a colossal 2x2 wild symbol, or a lucrative cash prize of x2 or x3 the total bet. This element of unpredictability adds excitement to each free spin and keeps players eagerly anticipating their next reward.

One of the game's most thrilling features is the ability to retrigger free spins indefinitely. The retriggering rules mirror the triggering ones, providing players the opportunity for extended play and increased chances of winning.

With 20 paylines in play, The Tree of Prosperity offers multiple ways to create winning combinations. To maximize their chances of success, players should aim to land the dragon wild symbol and trigger the Charmed Bonuses Free Game through the fortune tree scatter symbol. Careful strategic play and a little luck can lead to significant payouts in this bountiful slot game.


What is the significance of the dragon symbol in The Tree of Prosperity slots?

The dragon symbol serves as the wild symbol in the game, substituting for all other symbols except the scatter. It offers generous payouts of x5 for $50, x4 for $15, and x3 for $6.25, making it a key element for creating winning combinations.

How can I trigger the Charmed Bonuses Free Game in this slot?

Land three or more scatter symbols (fortune trees) anywhere on the reels to trigger the Charmed Bonuses Free Game. The number of initial free spins you receive depends on the number of triggering scatters, with up to 25 initial free spins for x5 scatters.

Can I play The Tree of Prosperity online slot for free?

Yes, you can try the game in a demo version for fun, as well as enjoy The Tree of Prosperity for real money, whether on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.


The Tree of Prosperity at Red Dog Casino is a captivating slot game that invites players into a world of luxury and riches. With its stunning design, generous wild symbol payouts, and the potential for lucrative rewards during the Charmed Bonuses Free Game, this slot offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Players can harness the power of the dragon and the fortune tree to unlock their path to wealth, all while enjoying the game's enchanting atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned slot player or new to the world of online casinos, The Tree of Prosperity promises an unforgettable journey to prosperity and fortune. Give it a spin today and see if you can unlock the riches hidden within its reels. 

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