Runes Of Odin

Prepare to set sails for Asgard, where fortunes fit for gods are forged! Runes of Odin by Nucleus Gaming is the developer’s rendition of what the halls of Valhalla might look like, and we must say that the game comes with a truly heroic feature package:

  • RTP rate of 95%;
  • 7x7 cluster playing board;
  • medium volatility (balanced win frequency and payouts);
  • Well Of Knowledge Instant Win, Odin’s Runes of Power, Forces of Nature, and Odin’s Spear Free Spins bonus features.

But what beasts must we slay on our way to the Viking treasure, and what other perils lie ahead? Stay with us for the rest of this Runes of Odin slot review to find out!

Style & Visuals

Nucleus Gaming did an exceptional job of stylizing their game properly - there’s not a single detail that looks out of place, and the whole picture makes a stunning impression when static and moving. In the background, you’ll see a tasteful rendering of a Norsemen hall, its rugged stone walls laden with torches and riveted bucklers. The playing board reinforced with iron-clad wooden beams looks equally sturdy and contains a humongous 7x7 field of rune-covered stone slabs. Last but not least, a stomping, clanking tune playing in a loop will quicken your blood and give you that battle spirit.

Basic Rules

The slot machine may seem overwhelming for beginners, but things clear up once you make a couple of spins and notice that its symbols move in 2x2 clusters rather than individually. Following the underlying principles of 3-in-a-row games, these clusters don’t just spin on an axis but explode to give way to new symbols.  
The Rune of Power replaces your typical Wilds. This special symbol is triggered randomly and invokes one of the 5 instant bonuses.

  • The Rushing Water. Washes away two rows or columns;
  • Torrent of Waves. Floods two rows and columns;
  • The Fire Within. Rids of a 2x2 cluster that is instantly replaced with a new one;
  • The Fires of Creation. Destroys a 4x4 cluster, effectively replacing almost half of the board;
  • The Earthquake. One type of symbol gets wiped off the board completely. 

Bonus Features

If you thought the slot game was done with bonus mechanics, you couldn’t be more mistaken - we’ve only warmed up! Let’s see what’s happening in the in-game extras department.
Well Of Knowledge Instant Win. The Well of Knowledge activates whenever a player manages to explode five or more clusters in a single spin. It floods the reels, causing random symbols to explode and granting instant wins. The more clusters trigger the Well, the more symbols explode, paving the way to bigger rewards. 
Odin’s Spear Free Spins. Join Odin in his quest for new lands as he charges his mystical spear, the Gungnir. When the Gungnir symbol appears on the reels, it advances the Trail. Once the trial bar is powered up, the Free Spins are triggered. Keep in mind that the Spear Trail progresses independently for each bet level. 


How much is enough to play Runes of Odin for real money?

We recommend developing your appetite step by step. The minimum deposit is anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on the banking method.

Is there an option to play Runes of Odin online slot for free?

Sure. The game’s demo is out there on casino review sites in free access. Don’t trust those? Proceed to Nucleus’ official platform and play for fun there! 

What about a portable version of Runes of Odin slots?

There is no need for one since the game has built-in mobile support - launch it in your smartphone browser and forget about additional downloads!


Runes of Odin is a premium-tier title jam-packed with innovative bonus features and rewarding opportunities. The game is best approached when you have at least some prior slots experience, but we still invite novice players to try their hand at Runes of Odin at Red Dog Casino - fortune favors the bold, after all!

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