Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon

Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon by Rival Gaming is an extraordinary online slot game crafted by renowned developers. In this captivating wilderness-themed adventure, you'll find yourself surrounded by the haunting beauty of a moonlit night and the mysterious presence of the majestic wolves. As you delve into this uncharted world of primal order, prepare to be mesmerized by its unique beauty and gameplay mechanics.
Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon slot machine introduces an innovative bi-directional 720-line format, a departure from the conventional payline systems. It means winning combinations can be formed from left to right and right to left, offering double the chances to strike it big. With each spin, you'll be on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating the howl of the sacred moon to guide you toward generous payouts.
To conquer this untamed wilderness and claim rewards, you must match symbols on active paylines. Your winnings will depend on the number of symbols that align and the corresponding values displayed on the paytable. Remember that, per selected line, only the highest win will be paid out, and your wins will be multiplied by the coins stacked per line—except when it comes to the elusive Scatters.
Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the Mythic Wolf's realm, where fortune favors the bold. Let's explore this extraordinary slot game and uncover the secrets of the Mythic Moon in this Sacred Moon slot review together!

Noble Ferocity and the Beauty of Nature

Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon at Red Dog Casino sets the stage with a visual tapestry that immerses players in a world of untamed beauty. The backdrop features a stunning, darkened night sky illuminated by the shimmering glow of the Northern Lights, casting an ethereal aura over the snow-covered mountains in the distance. This breathtaking setting creates an atmosphere of wonder and mystery, perfect for an adventure into the wilderness.
The game symbols are a true testament to its artistry, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the theme. The proud and majestic wolves stand as the key icons, exuding strength and grace. Feathers, symbolic of nature's delicate balance, float gracefully alongside the moon, which serves as the game's centerpiece and guardian of the sacred secrets. Glistening like stars diamonds add a touch of luxury to the game.

Joining the Pack

Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon offers an array of thrilling game mechanics and features that elevate the gameplay to new heights. 

  • Bi-Directional 720 Lines: This unique game format allows winning combinations to form from left to right and right to left, doubling your chances of securing exciting payouts on each spin. 
  • Payline Wins: Match symbols consecutively on active paylines to trigger wins. Payouts are determined by the number of matching symbols and the values displayed on the paytable. 
  • Double Up Feature: The Double Up feature activates after any win in the standard game mode. Players can click the x2 button to gamble and potentially double their winnings. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement, although it is subject to game limits. 
  • Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are your ticket to free spins, and they don't need to land on a payline to trigger the bonus. Depending on how many scatters appear, you can earn up to 20 free spins, opening the door to big wins without additional wagers. 
  • Wild Symbols: The majestic wolves represent the wild symbols, and they can substitute for all other symbols except scatters. Additionally, wilds can be stacked up to five icons high, increasing the potential for massive wins.

In Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon, the combination of the bi-directional paylines, the Double Up feature, and the powerful scatter and wild symbols creates an exhilarating gaming experience that promises excitement and rewards under the watchful gaze of the Sacred Moon.


Are there any regional or age restrictions for Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon at Red Dog Casino?

Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon at Red Dog Casino is accessible worldwide without age restrictions. You can enjoy the game for fun from any region where you can access the casino.

Does Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon support mobile play?

Absolutely! You can savor the delights of Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon slots on your mobile device with no need to download an app. Whether you're an Android or iOS user, you can relish this delightful slot game on the go, ensuring that you never miss a spin of the reels, no matter where your adventures take you.

What is the game's RTP?

The RTP sits at 94.91%.

Last but not Least

With all the important details covered, we have one last thing to say. You can play Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon online slot for free in a demo mode. It allows players to learn the game's mechanics without risking their financial well-being. Once you feel like you are ready, you can start playing Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon for real money at any moment.

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