Gorilla by Dicelab is a great example of a modern online slot done right. The title offers whooping 40 paylines with flexible betting options and special features like Wilds, Scatters, and Banana Boom Bonus to make the game more exciting. All the quality-of-life features, such as togglable interface items, customizable autoplay feature, interactive info panels for paytables, and technical information, are also here.

The simplistic idea and premise of the game might seem naive and overdone as there are quite a few wild nature or animal-themed slots out there. Yet, Gorilla stands out in its boldness with a very simple name, which is compensated by superior gameplay as well as top-notch design and visual execution, backed up by solid mechanics and tech aspects. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, this Gorilla slot review is for you!

The True King Of The Twilight Jungles 

The titular ape character appears in the game art and serves as one of the most valuable symbols on the field in the game itself. But what can you expect besides the giant silverback? Well, let's take it from the top.  

The background is a gorgeous moonlit jungle filled with lush vegetation crowned by starry skies. Attention to detail is incredible, and the color scheme is impressively consistent with colder tones, giving it a sense of deceptive calmness as many predators prowl through the night rainforest, which brings us to the game icons themselves. These are supremely done with vibrant art style and colors, each beast oozing with character. The ominous stare of the viper, the cockiness of the cockatoo, the jaguar's focus, the gorilla's calm confidence - all these are simply art. All of it is brought together by stylized icons for card symbols, not to overcomplicate things, which is always a welcome choice.

Navigating The Landscape, Avoiding Predators, And Securing Your Win  
The first thing you should know is that DiceLab provides a free demo mode for the game. So, if you want to learn the ropes first and get the game's feel, you can play Gorilla online slot for free using the aforementioned demo mode. Once you are comfortable with it, you can move on to playing Gorilla for real money. With that out of the way, let's dive into the rules and mechanics you will encounter. 

All the win payouts are calculated based on the player's bet and are registered left to right on the selected paylines. Naturally, the winnings depend on the icons that the player lands on the selected payline, and your main objective is to secure similar symbols. The better quality symbols you get and the more of them you get, the higher your win is. Simple as that. Only the highest possible win is paid per payline. 

Special symbols and features of Gorilla at Red Dog Casino aren't too complicated. The Gorilla serves as the Wild Symbol that can replace any other icons on the field besides Scatters. Bananas serve as the Scatter symbol and trigger the Banana Boom Bonus feature. If you manage to land 3 or more Banana symbols, you will be awarded a special Banana Boom round in which you have to pick out of the landed Banana symbols to uncover your prizes. The more Bananas you land to activate this feature, the bigger prizes you can get, with the multiplier getting as high as 10 times for the original bet on top of any regular wins you've secured.


What are similar quality games on the Red Dog Casino roster? 

In case you like Gorilla slots enough to be looking for more, here are some more high-quality picks for your entertainment with various themes to keep it fresh: 

  • Mega Jackpots Cleopatra; 
  • Divine Fortune; 
  • Mercy of the Gods; 
  • Wheel of Fortune. 

What is RTP? 

RTP stands for Return to Player and signifies the rate of bets paid back to the players as wins. Gorilla stands at 96.3% RTP, which is pretty high for multipayline slots.

Does the game have mobile support? 

Gorilla slot machine comes with full mobile support and is easily accessible and playable in browsers on both Android and IOS without requiring a prior app download. All you need to do is ensure your browser of choice is up-to-date and ready.

To Sum It Up 

Whether you are looking for a slot game to spin the reels just for fun or you are a seasoned veteran of online gaming, Gorilla at Red Dog Casino has something for you: 

  • high RTP; 
  • fun mechanics; 
  • consistent gameplay; 
  • stellar design and visuals.
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