Candy Factory

What is the secret recipe for the most captivating slot game? According to Dragon Gaming, the answer goes as follows: take a phenomenally popular casual title and slap your mechanics on top of it! Here’s an overview of what the developer ended up with:

  • RTP rate of 94.7%;
  • Free Spins, Exploding Blocks, and Bonus Shop features;
  • high volatility (moderate win frequency, increased payouts);
  • moveable paylines on a 5x7 playing board (Candy Crush Saga layout).

Candy Factory by Dragon Gaming derives obvious, undisguised inspiration from the mobile game mentioned in the specs, but did the provider manage to bring anything of their own to the table? Read more of this Candy Factory slot review to find out!

Design Graphics

Naturally, if you’re going to copy from the world’s most successful 3-in-a-row game, your product must feel premium, and that’s exactly what can be said about Candy Factory - the visuals are simply flawless and almost look like a direct spin-off produced by King Entertainment, if it ever needed one. The slot machine wears its influences proudly and even manages to improve on the Candy Crush visual formula to some extent, especially in the animations department.

Core Gameplay

The first thing the player will notice upon launching the game is its humongous 5x7 playing board, designed that way to resemble Candy Crush. As you would expect, some blocks are chocolate-covered and, thus, inactive, but this is a part of the Exploding Block mechanics - hit one, and it will blast the adjacent square. Moreover, the regular candy blocks aren’t completely reshuffled during the spins - only the bottom row disappears to be replaced by one at the top. How do winning combos behave, you might ask? Well, they explode too, of course!

In-Game Extras

Forget about Scatters - the game’s Free Spins mode will only activate when you clear all the chocolate blocks on the board, which doesn’t take long, to be fair. Along the way, you will also pick up some neat power-ups from the blasted squares, such as additional multipliers and up to 12 free spins. Last but not least, you’re always welcome to visit the game’s Bonus shop and buy these power-ups for Coins. Note that if you earn some spins from a destroyed block, the feature will activate instantly, regardless of whether there are more chocolate squares on the board.


What do I need to play Candy Factory for real money?

Not much - an active Red Dog account and a minimum deposit will unlock cash bets. Note that withdrawals also require that you undergo our KYC procedure.

Is it possible to play Candy Factory online slot for free?

Absolutely, but you’ll have to look the game up on your casino review site of choice. Besides feedback on parlors, such resources often host databases of slot games along with their demo versions that can be played for fun.

Can I play Candy Factory slots on my smartphone?

Sure, enter our website’s address in your browser’s search bar and proceed to play. The game may look like it demands good hardware to run, but even the original iPhone will handle it easily.


Candy Factory is as visually stunning as it is addictive, and you are guaranteed to spend hours crushing that confectionery even if you aren’t an avid Candy Crush fan. To imitate the peculiarities of the latter, the game introduces one of the most intricate gameplay systems we’ve seen so far and pulls it off awesomely. We have no doubt that the game deserves the fate of a smashing hit, so come and set the trend by playing Candy Factory at Red Dog Casino!

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