Volcano Blast 10X

Step into the heart of the jungle, where a volcano roars and promises to fill the island with wealth and treasures. Welcome to the thrilling world of Volcano Blast 10X at Red Dog Casino, available for play on both PCs and mobile devices. Boasting a 3x3 playing field, this slot game by Rival Gaming offers an exciting opportunity to win the jackpot, with a maximum payout of 334 times your bet or play for fun at its maximum.

Find out more in our Volcano Blast 10X slot review!

Theme & Design

As you embark on a journey into the heart of Volcano Blast 10X, the first thing that captivates your senses is the vivid and fiery backdrop that sets the stage for an intense gaming experience. The scene is dominated by the spectacle of an erupting volcano, casting a fiery glow against the canvas of a lush tropical island. The molten lava cascades down the slopes, creating an otherworldly ambiance that immediately immerses players in the heart of the action.

The playing field itself, a compact 3x3 grid, unfolds like a hidden treasure chest waiting to be unlocked. The symbols, each a burst of vibrant colors, dance across the reels, bringing to life a collection of tropical delights. From the rich hues of flowers to the succulent reds of cherries, the golden allure of pineapples, the rhythmic beats of drums, and the enigmatic presence of masks, every symbol tells a story of the jungle's bounty.

As the reels spin, the Polynesian soundtrack envelops players in an auditory adventure. The rhythmic chants resonate with the jungle mystique, creating an atmosphere of anticipation. Birdsongs weave through the melody, adding a touch of nature's serenade, while the ominous rumble of the volcano echoes in the background, a constant reminder of the untamed power lying dormant beneath the surface.

The synchronization of visuals and sounds in Volcano Blast 10X is mesmerizing. With every spin, the volcano's eruption seems to intensify, mirroring the rising excitement as players anticipate the next big win. The marriage of the visually stunning backdrop, the lively symbols on the grid, and the captivating soundtrack form a trifecta of sensory delight that elevates the gaming experience to new heights.

Gameplay Features

The simplicity of Volcano Blast 10X slots adds to its charm. With three reels and three paylines, the game introduces wild symbols with valuable multipliers as its main feature. Symbols on the reels include tropical delights like colorful flowers, cherries, pineapples, drums, and masks.

But the main symbol is the Wild. It is represented by the 10x symbol, and it can replace any other symbols to form a winning line (except for Scatters). Landing 1 10x Wild symbol pays 10x the winning combination, landing 2 10x wild symbols pays 100x the winning combination, and landing 3 10x symbols pay 500x the bet amount.

Winning the Game

The game offers a range of betting options, allowing players to start with as little as 0.03 per spin, up to a maximum stake of 45.00. The paytable outlines the coin multipliers for various symbols, offering different payouts for one, two, or three coins per line. Volcano Blast 10X is a low volatility slot, providing a good ratio of winning spins, though with relatively smaller prizes. The return to player (RTP) percentage stands at 94.47%.

Focus on the wild multiplier symbols to maximize your winnings in Volcano Blast 10X. These symbols, represented by '10X,' can substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. Landing one 10x wild symbol pays 10x the winning combination, two symbols pay 100x, and landing three 10x symbols awards an impressive 500x the bet amount.


What is the maximum win in Volcano Blast 10X?

The game offers a chance to win up to 334 times your bet.

Can I play Volcano Blast 10X for real money on my mobile phone?

Of course! Be it an iOS, Android, or Windows device, Red Dog Casino invites you to enjoy all the perks of playing for real money on your mobile phone. If you are not ready to spend any cash yet, this slot's demo is at your service! Try it and play Volcano Blast 10X online slot for free.

Are there bonus features in Volcano Blast 10X slots?

While Volcano Blast 10X doesn't offer an abundance of bonus features, it includes wild multiplier symbols with values of 10x, providing exciting opportunities for increased payouts.


Volcano Blast 10X by Rival Gaming offers a thrilling and visually stunning gaming experience. The main advantages of the game adding to the atmosphere are:

  • fiery backdrop;
  • vibrant symbols;
  • Polynesian soundtrack.

While the game may lack extensive bonus features, its simplicity is its strength. The wild multiplier symbols add an exciting twist, with the potential for substantial payouts. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to slots, Volcano Blast 10X slot machine promises an entertaining and rewarding journey into the heart of the jungle. Explore the red-hot reels, embrace the volatility, and uncover the treasures hidden within the erupting volcano. With Volcano Blast 10X, the heat is on, and the adventure awaits!

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