Ten Times Wins

We will come forward and say out loud that people need a shift-down relaxation period where players spin the reels on a straightforward classic slot machine. It is especially actual now when game developers seem to be in a mad rush to make the slot with the most elaborate features, the highest win potential, and the most spectacular animations. As a result, people are tired, and simplicity is on the rise again, with Ten Times Wins by Rival Gaming as a prime example of such going back to the roots.

Young Millennials, who frequently and stereotypically prefer feature-rich slots with loads of noise and color, make up a sizable portion of the die-hard lovers of these classic games. This unexpected truth is well known to game developers like Rival Gaming, who annually include a few classic slots in their release schedules.

Some are so well-received that a follow-up is warranted. Such a follow-up to Rival's 5 Times Wins, which debuted a few years earlier, are Ten Times Wins slots, which succeeds and enhances it. The wild multiplier has raised from x5 to x10, which is the primary difference.

Graphics and Presentation

Nothing is hidden in this slot machine, reminiscent of the classic "one-armed bandits" in that the full pay table and playing window are constantly exposed. You get exactly what you see. The term "one-armed bandit" dates back to the first slot machine designs when the reels were spun by a lever on the machine's side.

The style itself is very evocative of the stereotypical Las Vegas images one gets in their head upon hearing the words "slot machine". Three horizontal pay lines and a 3 x 3 arrangement characterize the traditional design of 10 Times Wins. The color scheme doesn't scream of neon glory days of the city in the desert but is instead a reddish subdued smoke-filled bar whisper. If you want to feel like your favorite noir characters without leaving home while pulling the lever, Rival got you covered with this one.

Gameplay and Features You Should Know

Three horizontal pay lines and a 3 x 3 arrangement characterize Ten Times Wins' traditional design. Three matching symbols, or a combination of bars or 7s, must appear on one of the lines to win. You can get up to 3 winning combos in one spin.

The game offers flexible betting options. You may place wagers starting at only $0.01 (setting with the smallest coin size, one pay line, and one coin) and going all the way up to a sizable $45 for each spin. Choose a coin size, followed by 1, 2, or 3 coins, to get your desired bet. Moreover, you can play on 1, 2, or 3 active paylines. As it offers the maximum win potential, we advise using all pay lines and three coins.

A consolation reward of 1 to 4 times your wager on that line will be given for any combination of three unmatched bars or sevens. However, in contrast to most examples of this type of slot machine, which often pays out a nugatory sum for one or two cherries, there is no reward for hitting fewer than three cherries on a payline in Ten Times Wins.

When three coins are wagered, and all three lines are chosen, three wilds landing on an active payline will provide the jackpot payout of 5,000 coins or 555.55 times your wager. The winning combination will remain the same, so please be aware of that. Even yet, if you win it at the $45.25 maximum stake, you'd get a massive $25,000 jackpot payout.


How do I play Ten Times Wins online slot for free?

If you are on the fence about playing Ten Times Wins for real money, it has a free demo mode, allowing you to get more familiar with the system without having to sweat bullets over your hard-earned cash and play for fun.

How old do I have to be to play Ten Times Wins?

Any game found on the Red Dog Casino roster is age restricted, and you must be at least 18 years old to play it legally.

What about Ten Times Wins and my mobile gadgets?

Before launching their games, Rival employs the greatest technology to optimize their goods and ensure the game runs with no significant snags. So you should be alright if your phone or tablet has the most recent update.

Final Thoughts

Ten Times Wins is a great throwback title and a fantastic place to go back to the good old days or, surprisingly enough, to get you started with the biggest staple of casino halls. The game offers:

  • Great stylish minimalistic visuals
  • Simplistic mechanics
  • Autoplay and other modern quality-of-life features
  • Great sound design

It may not be as flashy as most modern releases, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice by skipping out and not playing Ten Times Wins at Red Dog Casino!

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