Scary Rich Unified

It's time to take the chance to become Scary Rich if you believe you have the guts to hunt monsters in a spooky cemetery for cash. In this 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine called Scary Rich by Rival Gaming, you'll need to defeat a variety of terrifying enemies, including: 

  • skeletons;
  • witches;
  • mummies ;
  • jack-o-lanterns;
  • werewolves ;
  • and Dr. Jekyll, emerging from the wrong side of Halloween town.

Moreover, keep an eye out for Scattered Frankenstein Monsters and Expanding Wild Vampires because they have a chance to start the Bonus Round. There is also a free-to-play demo practice mode for aspiring monster hunters who are unsure about the rules of the hunt or have doubts about whether undead slaying pays well! So don your broad-brimmed hat and cloak, and get the holy water and sign of the cross because the stakes are high! Get it? Stakes, vampires? Okay, sorry, we'll just get on with the review then.  

Design and Visuals 

Before the game even boots, players will be treated to a spooky intro cutscene that is yet hilarious at the same time. The style of the whole thing is very cartoonish and evokes images of classic Saturday cartoons in the 90s, so if you were into Real Monsters or Wunschpunsch, you are in luck. An old cricket spooky house drawn in very matted and cold colors serves as the backdrop for the whole thing. It provides some nice contrast for the lively and colorful reels and two grinning animated pumpkins atop the interface, pulsating with evil delight.

The reels themselves are also stylized and made out of bones and skulls. Symbols used in the reels are very animated and ooze with character. They have a certain 90s comic book air to them. Overall, the presentation is outstanding, with incredibly evocative imagery and a cohesive style. The only thing we would change is the standard user interface designs, which somewhat detract from the ghostly Halloween aesthetic.  

Basic Rules and Gameplay  

All the regular slot game principles apply here. You know the drill. Get the same symbols on the payline, and get wins. The better the symbols are, the more you win. All the good stuff we know and love. Although witches may be fairly fascinating at up to 65 coins, skeletons provide the lowest possible payout of up to 55 coins. Mummies will keep you engrossed in the action and offer 150 coins, but Jack o'Lanterns will keep the flame alive and offer 250 coins. Although werewolves can cost up to 1,000 coins, the famous Dr. Jekyl has the power to make all 5 of his insignia worth an enormous 1,500 coins.

The line markers are in the shape of bats, and Wild Vampires additionally transform into three bats to cover all spots on whatever reels 1, 2, or 3 they expand on. They'll then act as a stand-in for all other symbols to help you create more Scary Rich combos. But, if you manage to discover 5 Wild Vampires, you could find a few bats in the bell tower as this might get you 10,000 coins, while even finding 4 bets, you get 1,000 coins.

The Bonus Round brought on by Scattered Frankenstein also heavily relies on Wild Vampires. The Bonus Round is triggered by landing three or more Frankenstein symbols. During this round, you'll receive 10 free spins, and Wild Vampires will function as multipliers each time they contribute to a winning line. All those growing vampires will also raise reward lines and provide some huge and spooky prizes! One vampire will turn into an x2 multiplier, 2 vampires into an x3 multiplier, and 3 vampires into an x4 multiplier.


Can I play Scary Rich at Red Dog Casino on my mobile? 

But of course! All the Rival titles nowadays are designed and optimized first and foremost for mobile users as they constitute the vast majority of all users playing their games. Doing yourself such a disservice as ignoring your core audience would be unfunny and scary. You also don't need to download an app to play the game, which is a nice bonus.  

Are there any other similar games to Scary rich available at Red Dog's? 

If you like the style, mechanics, or theme of Scary Rich slots and want more, you are in luck because Rival has already released follow-ups to their beloved game, somewhat unimaginatively Scary Rich 2 and Scary Rich 3. Halloween is 24/7, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year, if you want it to be.

Is there an avenue to play Scary Rich online slot for free? 

The game has a free demo mode you can play for fun if you don't feel like risking playing Scary Rich for real money with virtual monsters, so you don't have to sweat it.


Scary Rich is a fantastic, hauntingly beautiful Halloween-themed online slot machine with great design, varied and engaging gameplay, and high potential winnings. If you are not easily scared, check it out right now at Red Dog Casino!

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