Pistols & Roses Unified

Pistols and Roses by Rival Gaming offers a traditional online slot game experience. You will be introduced to a distinctive theme that has been thoughtfully designed and offers a pleasing combination of colors in this 2015-released slot machine.
Pistols and Roses is an excellent game for beginners because the gameplay is simple. Three reels and one payline are present in the Rival Gaming game. Therefore, there is no odd or confusing paytable. Watch the main reel to see what appears, and if the appropriate symbols pop up, you might win the top prize of 1,500 units! Follow the full Pistols & Roses slot review to learn more about this new adventurous game!  

Graphics & Design         

The game log and information are placed at the top and bottom of the wood-colored background, which contrasts beautifully with the red spin and bet buttons and the brightly colored symbols on the reels.  

The reels are covered with traditional card symbols, pistols, bullets, and roses, with 80s hairband music playing in the background. Rock out to this popular game's hair metal soundtrack while you spin the reels to win big. The single pay line, which needed identical symbols to appear on the three reels, is shown in red.

Core Gameplay           

Choosing how much ammunition to bring with you is crucial, much like any Wild-West gunslinger. Three cannons can be fired simultaneously in the shape of one, two, or three coins, and the more you fire during a spin, the bigger the prizes you can shoot down. The given pay table clearly outlines the potential winning combinations for each coin. While most are proportionate, the highest prize when playing three coins is about twice as much as when playing two coins and nearly four times as much as when playing one coin.

Once you've picked how many coins to shoot for the prizes, you can select a value for the coins that range from 0.01 to 10 coins. Each award you earn is then multiplied by this amount. 

In-Game Extras           

Everyone has a lucky suit while playing cards:

  • if spades are yours, good luck! It is the most lucrative suit, paying 30 and 90 coins;
  • clubs are worth 15 to 45 coins;
  • diamonds are worth 20 to 60 coins;
  • hearts are worth 10 to 30 coins.

The opportunity to line up bullets, gun barrels, and pistols, each earning between 40 and 120 coins, 50 to 150 coins, and 70 to 210 coins, adds to the notion of a wild west gunfight.

All the wins listed above require three matching symbols to line up, but you can also win by aligning three bullets, gun barrels, or pistols for between 5 and 15 coins, while doing so in that sequence will earn you 10 to 30 coins.

While you can win for 1 or 2 scattered 7s, you can also enjoy scattered 7s with 3 paying 120 coins to 360 coins. The smaller winnings will keep you going while you wait to take down that huge prize. 2 Anywhere on the reels pays 4 to 12 coins, and 1 pays 2 to 6 coins.

Wild Roses is a great asset to the game. In addition to being the highest paying symbol with 400 coins for landing three when wagering one coin, 800 for landing two, and 1,500 for landing three when wagering coins, all prize lines containing one rose will be paid twice the standard rate. Those containing two roses will be paid out four times the normal rate. 

You might have to wait a while to get that huge win, especially when playing Pistols & Roses for real money because this game only has one pay line. However, unlike a standard 3-reel slot machine, this game benefits from Wild Roses, and Scattered Lucky 7's throw up plenty of lesser winnings while you're waiting. So, start spinning! 


Is Pistols & Roses game mobile-friendly?           

You may play the Pistols & Roses slot machine whenever you want using your browser, no matter which mobile device you prefer. Every player can enjoy the game without any restrictions or constraints.      

What is the Pistols & Roses RTP rate?           

The Pistols & Roses game RTP rate is 94.52%.    

Can I play Pistols & Roses online slot for free?                   

Sure. There is a demo version of the Pistols & Roses slots for you to play for fun without feeling rushed.    

Bottom Line           

Pistols & Roses at Red Dog Casino is an excellent choice for new players because of its simple gameplay and engaging layout. The game is a terrific option for anyone who likes 80s rock & roll and wants to play something with a distinctive theme. The game is easy for anyone, thanks to the traditional three-reel theme.

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