Pai Gow


Are you looking to experience the excitement and thrill of casino gaming? The Pai Gow game from Rival, available at Red Dog Casino, gives you exactly that, wrapped in a package of endearing graphics, easy gameplay, and lucrative wins. This adventurous poker variant stands out for its uniqueness, offering players a delightful mix of strategy and luck.


Pai Gow by Rival is a captivating table game based on traditional Chinese dominoes. However, in this westernized version, cards replace the dominoes, introducing Poker's various combos into the mix. The goal in this game is to form two robust hands that can overpower the dealer's hands. Key aspects to highlight in this gameplay include its slow-paced, relaxing nature, and the generally low risk of losing a hand, making it a favorite among players with diverse preferences.


This Pai Gow game integrates standard features and some exclusive ones as well. Here are some notable elements:

  • Splitting Hands: Players get 7 cards from which they need to divide into two hands; a 5-card high hand and a 2-card low hand. The high hand must always rank higher than the low one.
  • Push: Pai Gow is a game that frequently ends in a push. If a player's high hand and the dealer's high hand tie, and the same goes for the low hand, it results in a push, and no money is exchanged.
  • Wild Card: This game includes a wild card—the joker. This card can either act as an ace or to complete a straight flush, a straight, or a flush.

Theme and Design

The Pai Gow game comes with a slick, user-friendly design, incorporating conventional casino elements to create an authentic gaming atmosphere. It amalgamates rich, vibrant colors to breathe life into the game, engaging the players in its dynamic environment. The user interface is streamlined and clean, ensuring even beginners can navigate it with ease. Rival has gone to great lengths to replicate the casino vibe on a digital platform, enriching Pai Gow with detailed graphics and crisp sound effects that enhance immersion.

How to Play Pai Gow Game

To get started, you place a bet in the designated area. Then, you get dealt 7 cards from which you form two separate poker hands, observing the rules of standard poker rankings. One hand has 5 cards (high hand) while the other has just 2 (low hand). The main idea is to ensure both your hands are better than the dealer's equivalent hands.

After the hands are formed, they're compared. If both your hands beat the dealer's hands, you win. If you win one hand but lose the other, it's a push—no one wins or loses. In case the dealer wins both hands, you lose your bet.

Despite the seemingly complex nature of Pai Gow, it's quite easy to catch on once you start playing. With practice, the game quickly becomes intuitive. Trying it out at Red Dog Casino is a worthwhile decision to get familiar with the game.

In conclusion, the Pai Gow game by Rival blends traditional gaming aspects with modern elements, offering a thrilling and potentially profitable experience. Its inclusion at Red Dog Casino guarantees gamers a reliable platform that accords fantastic gameplay, a secure environment, and chances for potential wins. Take a seat at the table and let the cards decide your fortune!

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