KYC Policy

    1. Verification procedures

      RedDogCasino has implemented the international standards for preventing illegal activity, also referred to as Customer Due Diligence (“CDD”). In accordance with CDD, RedDogCasino has implemented a verification procedure structured using the anti-money laundering and “Know Your Customer” (KYC) standards.
    2. Identity verification

      To execute the RedDogCasino identity verification procedure, the user is requested to provide us with trustworthy documents, data and/or information (i.e. ID, passport, bank statement and/or utility bill). RedDogCasino reserves the right to collect the User’s identification information at any given time for AML/KYC Policy purposes.
    3. Card Verification

      Any User who wishes to connect a payment card to his/her RedDogCasino account must pass a card verification process in accordance with the instructions available on the RedDogCasino Site.
    4. Documentation Verification

      Users may identify themselves using other authorized identification documents. This includes, but is not limited to a valid passport and/or any valid utility bill that states the User’s current address. Companies must be identified using valid Chamber of Commerce extracts or notary deeds. All copies must be made and archived securely.
    5. Identity Authentication

      To verify the authenticity of User information and documentation, RedDogCasino ensures that the proper measures are met. Implementing a double check information procedure, all legal methods for information authentication are used. Please note that RedDogCasino reserves the right to perform an investigation on any user that has been found to be risky or suspicious.
    6. Routine Authentication

      RedDogCasino reserves the right to perform account verification aimed to authenticate a User's identity on a routine basis, and at any given time, under its sole discretion. This may occur when the user's activity is found suspicious and/or if that user’s information has been altered. Furthermore, RedDogCasino reserves the right to request additional current verification documents from Users at any given time, even if such documentation was already presented to the Company in the past.
    7. Wire and Bitcoin Withdrawals

      Cashing out using these methods requires a small additional confirmation step. Upon requesting a bank wire withdrawal, please send us a Wire Instruction provided by your bank of choice. Bitcoin payouts are made possible by submitting your BTC wallet screenshot prior to requesting one.

All User identification information is collected, shared, stored, and protected in accordance with the RedDogCasino Privacy Policy.

Upon the completion of the user verification process, RedDogCasino may remove itself from any potential legal liability. This includes, but is not limited to any occurrence where its Services may be used to perform illegal activities.