Double Double Jackpot Poker Review

June 30th, 2023



Double Double Jackpot Poker by Realtime Gaming is a video poker that maintains the same gameplay as the standard Jacks or Better. Whereas most video poker variations often include a style that can confuse beginners, Double Double Jackpot Poker refrains from making it hard to play. The player can get started without requiring prior experience. There is more to this game than what meets the eye. Keep reading this review to learn more.

Double Double Jackpot Poker Specific Rules

You do not need any special rules when playing Double Double Jackpot Poker other than the ones followed by all video poker games. The minimum hand that receives the payout is a Jacks or Better. The strongest hand, in this case, gets the payout as guided by the paytable.

The player is required to select the coin size for their bet and the number of coins they are willing to wager on the hands. It is essential to consider your coin size because the highest payout is awarded after wagering the maximum number of coins. The most profitable game is one that involves playing using five coins at a time.

The Double Double Jackpot Poker paytable features significant generosity instances, especially for the Four of a Kind Aces. If you happen to get 4 Aces alongside a high kicker, you stand a chance to receive a payout amounting to 750 coins. However, Royal Flush still takes the lead in terms of payout, with a maximum of 4,000 coins.

Double Double Jackpot Poker attributes

Top Award

4000 Credits


3, 10, 52, and 100 (3, 10, and 52 only for Flash)

Bonus Feature

Optional Double or Nothing Bonus allows player to double their winning if they select a card that is higher than the dealer's card.

Feature Trigger

Any Win


Download, Flash

How to Play Double Double Jackpot Poker

Once you have selected your preferred number of coins to bet, hit the Deal button to start the hand. You will deal with five cards, and you get to choose the cards to keep and the ones to exchange for new ones. Decide on the cards that you want to hold before clicking on Draw to discard those you do not prefer for new ones.

You get a payout when your hand is at least a two pair. The more, the better. Jacks or Better is the minimum paying hand. A new hand starts after receiving your payout.

The Double Double Jackpot Poker game hands plus their highest payouts are as shown below:

HandMax. Payout
Pair (Jacks or Better)    5 coins
Two Pair 5 coins
Three of a Kind 15 coins
Straight    25 coins
Flush    30 coins
Full House    45 coins
Fours 2s-10s    250 coins
Four Ks, Qs, Js    400 coins
Four Ks, Qs, Js w/AKQJ    750 coins
Four of a Kind Aces    750 coins
Straight Flush    250 coins
Royal Flush    4000 coins

How to Win Double Double Jackpot Poker

A vital tip to keep in mind when playing the Double Double Jackpot Poker casino game is to bet the max per hand. Doing so allows you to win Royal Flush payouts. Furthermore, it increases your winning rate over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Realtime Gaming (RTG).

4000 coins.

Press the Draw button to replace the cards that you don’t want to hold.

On the screen, you will see five cards dealt.

You do so by pressing the Bet Max button.

Conclusion – Play Like a Pro

You can play Double Double Jackpot Poker online for free and for money. Choose the demo option to familiarize yourself with the game setting before placing a bet. Besides making you money, the video poker game is meant for fun.