777 Slot Review

June 25th, 2023



Just as the name suggests, 777 is a slot that takes up the classic fruit slot theme. Now, the symbols themselves aren’t necessarily fruits – but the entire design and how the slot machine works suggest a heavy influence of the old-school 777 slots. This is a slot designed by RealTime Gaming – a company that started to make a name for itself in the world of iGaming more than 20 years ago.
And the game is as simple as it gets. There is a single payline – and three rows to cover it. The bar symbols and the like cover the reel and you can make a winning combination on the payline with them. It’s simplicity at its finest.

Simplicity Is Embedded in the Gameplay, too

What do you need to do to play 777 by RTG? Select your bet size and hit the spin button. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. But there are indeed certain details that you should be aware of when playing this game. A unique option that you can seldom find in any other slot game is the “hold option.”

Every time you get a certain combination of symbols on the reel, you will be able to hold two of the symbols in place. This makes things more interesting as you can personally influence how the combinations of symbols play out on the reel. However, the catch here is that you will need to wager a bigger bet every time you hold a symbol down. So, the odds are evened out in the end. And also, you won’t be able to hold the symbols if there is a wild symbol somewhere on the reel.

777 Slotattributes


GameID:18; MachID: 233 (0xE9)


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Winning at 777 by RTG

For the most part, 777 by RTG is a classic slot game with no quirks. However, one potential quirk is the fact that you can hold symbols in place for a number of spins. And another important quirk – arguably even more important than the first one – is the fact that there’s a progressive jackpot at play. If you play 777 for real money, then you can win it – and it can grow quite large at times, too.
Also, it’s important to note that the game’s RTP rate is set at 97%. This is quite generous when it comes to online slots in general – and it means that you will be able to win more often than when playing some of the other slots on the iGaming market.

And there’s always the chance to play 777 online slot for free, by playing 777 at the casino for fun. The player can easily find a demo version of this game – even for their mobile device. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 777 is available for mobile play in various casinos. Be sure to consult the particular casino’s FAQ to learn whether the casino features this functionality. 

Well, not really. There are a few novel features at play – including the fact that you can hold various symbols in place for a number of spins. Also, there is a wild symbol involved that replaces all the other symbols in the game. As such, this game has some modern elements – although the core is indeed true to the classic slot form. 

A Fun Rendition of the Classic Slot Formula

We hope that you have found use of our 777 slot review. We’ve told you about the biggest merits and potential drawbacks of 777 RTG. It’s now time for you to try this game out yourself and see what it’s about. We hope that you will have fun with it!