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Fish Catch by Realtime Gaming is an online slot machine with a unique sea life theme. This game is exciting and unique. It is different from the other slot games produced by Realtime Gaming. It has no pay lines and no reels. And, there are no winning combinations. All a player does is to shoot fish using a gun underwater. This game is largely about marine life.

How to Play Fish Catch

Playing Fish Catch slots entails choosing from different fish species. Each fish has a different value. What’s more, you have to choose the gun to use to play this game. These features of the game have different multipliers and powers. But, the options for setting the betting range are similar to those of most slot games.

Fish Catch layout is different from that of other games. Rather than have reels and pay lines, this game comes with four open sections on the screen. Any time you play Fish Catch online slot for free or real money, start by picking your preferred cannon and fish. Your first pick might seem permanent, but this will change once the slot is reloaded. The selected cannon can be changed at any time.

A player can set a bet between $0.01 and $25 per spin. The health of the swimming fish is damaged when a player fires cannonballs at them. A player wins the associated prize whenever they kill a fish. And, a fish can be killed by a shot before the total HP goes below zero.

How to Win Fish Catch

You need a strategy to play Fish Catch for real money and win the top prize. This game has a wide betting range. As such, take your time to find a betting level that you’re comfortable with. Additionally, start by playing this game with your friends. That means you will compete for cash prizes and kill with your friends. Nevertheless, the game’s multiplier aspect is undeniable.

Playing this game alone can be boring. However, it’s a great game to play with trash-talking friends. And, you can trigger the Luck bonus by the Mermaid randomly. The maximum prize during this feature is 250x the total stake.

Playing Fish Catch for Free & Real Money

Perhaps, you’re wondering whether you can play Fish Catch at the casino for free. That’s because this game doesn’t have reels, and, therefore, it might not have standard bonuses and free spins. However, there’s the Mermaid’s Luck feature. This feature is triggered randomly. Once this starts, the wheel spins automatically to add sweet winnings to the catch. You can also find a casino with the demo version that you can try free of charge on your desktop or mobile device.

To play this game for real money, choose the lobby value from the beginning. Be careful to select a lobby that is within your budget. Once you’ve done that, consider betting bigger to have stronger weapons. The gameplay comprises spam-clicking enemies and auto-kill for hunting some fish types for you. But, a single shot might not kill a fish. In some cases, a fish is shot severally to die. However, you can be lucky to kill a fish with a single projectile.


What is the special feature in Fish Catch?

The Mermaid’s Luck is a special feature in this game. This is triggered randomly, and it opens a new screen showcasing the wheel. This spins automatically to give the player a cash prize.

What is the maximum cash prize in this game?

The maximum prize that a player can win in this game is 250x the stake or $1,000. But, the strength of this game is not in the jackpot. Instead, it lies in the new generation of slots whose focus is on a multi-player setting. That’s what brings something exciting and unique on the table.

Where can I play Fish Catch?

You can play Fish Catch for fun or real money at our licensed online casino that features slots by Real Time Gaming.

The Bottom Line

This Fish Catch slot review depicts this game as exciting and unique. It’s different from the other slots by Realtime Gaming since it doesn’t have reels and pay lines. If looking for a unique game that you can play for fun or real money, consider this option.


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