Suit 'Em Up Online Review

August 17th, 2023



Blackjack is a staple game when it comes to both regular and online gambling. So, it’s hardly a surprise that any variations in the basic rules are hard to be adopted by the wider blackjack community. But one of the variations that managed to stick is the Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack game variation.

As things stand, there is a version of this ruleset developed by RealTime Gaming – a company specializing in the creation of online gambling software. And it’s this specific version of the game that we’ll analyze in our review below.

Specific Rules of Suit ‘Em Up

This variant doesn’t introduce any extensive side-rules into the main game. In fact, for the most part, the main game remains the same. The sole rule variation you get in this version is that you can place an additional bet before getting your two cards – and it’s whether the two cards will be of the same suit. If you place this bet and if the two cards are indeed suited, then you will get a payout.

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack by RTG is a game with its own set of betting limits. You can place $1 as the lowest bet for the round – and the highest bet that can be placed by the player is $250. This will give you ample room to move in when it comes to making bets – as this game is perfect both for the casual players and the high rollers alike.

Suit 'Em Up attributes

Number of Decks

2, 6 and 8

Bet Spots Download

1 (default) or 2

Splits Allowed Download



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Playing Suit ‘Em Up

As we’ve mentioned in the previous section, there is only one rule that differentiates from the classic game of blackjack rules. And it’s the rule of being able to bet if the two cards you’ll get will be of the same suit. This side-bet can be placed right at the outset of every round before getting your first card on the screen. Other than that, there’s no real difference between Suit ‘Em Up and regular blackjack – again, the main game remains the same.

Suit ‘Em Up Strategies

Regardless of your choice of whether to place the side bet or not – the strategies that you will get to implement later in the game won’t be affected by it. So, the thing to note is whether to place the side-bet at all?

Since RTG doesn’t publish the exact number of decks that are used in the game, it may be difficult for you to guess the RTP of the side betting game. The rule goes that the more decks are used, the higher the RTP rate goes and the lower the house edge is – the higher your chance to win the side bet. It’s estimated that Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack uses 6-8 decks.

If you are planning to place as frequent side-bets as possible, it would be better to find an option with 6 decks. If the game does indeed have six decks, then the house edge for the side bet game will be 0.47%. The payouts vary depending on what kinds of cards you will suit up – if you get aces, then you get a 60:1 payout. And the payouts can drop to 2:1, depending on your luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play Suit ‘Em Up blackjack online for free in any online casino. You can find the demo game easily in the game lobby.

The game is available on a wide variety of different mobile devices – so, you can play it on the go.

In Conclusion – a Fun Side-Bet for the Main Game

Suit ‘Em Up doesn’t revolutionize the game of blackjack. What it does is it adds a special rule to keep things fun and interesting – within the main game’s setting. So, regardless if you play at the Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack casino for fun or real money, you’re guaranteed to have a great gambling experience.