Caribbean Stud Poker Review

June 30th, 2023



Caribbean Stud video poker, like any classic poker, is based on a 52-card deck. The purpose of Caribbean Stud poker is to win the dealer. With this informative review, you can learn tips to make the best playing experience and do your best.

Specific Rules and Table Limits

The rules of the Caribbean Stud Poker game are simple, and learning them is not a big obstacle. You start the game by setting your first bet called Ante bet. You receive a hand of face up five cards. The dealer also gets five cards; 4 of them face down and one face-up card. The player and the dealer compare the hands made up of their respective five cards. Then, you should make a decision whether to challenge the dealer’s hand or pass. And the dealer must have a Kind or Ace to qualify.
If you want to challenge the dealer, you must place a bet by clicking on the Bet button. The bet is always double the ante. If you do not want to challenge the dealer, click the Fold button and the ante will be lost. After your bets are placed, 4 dealer’s card are turned up, and the hands are automatically compared. To win, the dealer should have a high-ranked card like an Ace and a King or a poker hand. If the dealer does not open, the player receives a sum equal to the ante, while the main bet is returned without any winnings. Then, best hand wins. The player’s hand receives a sum equal to the ante plus the bet’s winning. If the dealer and the player receive hands of equal value, the player gets back both the ante bet and the bet.

How to Play the Game: The Progressive Bet 

Click on the chips you want, which are located on the bottom left of the screen. Then, place the chip or chips in the preview area of the table. You can withdraw the betting chip before the game starts by double-clicking on the chip. After placing the chip, click the Deal button to start the game hand. In Caribbean Stud Poker, there is an additional bet to win the progressive jackpot. To start the game, the player can either make an ante bet or an optional progressive coin bet, which is evaluated separately at the end of each game. The progressive payouts are the following: 100% for Royal Flush, 10% for Straight Flush, 4-of-a-Kind gives $500, Full House - $100 and Flush pays $75.

Caribbean Stud Poker attributes


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How to Win the Game

The player may decide to look at these following tips:

  • Think carefully. The dealer’s uncovered card can allow you to think of what can be hidden in the deck and what cards the dealer has. These are complex reasoning that does not necessarily end with a winning strategy, but they can help.
  • Do not fold if you have low-value cards. In Caribbean Poker, the dealer qualifies only with an Ace or King in hand, and their chances of doing so are about 44%. So statistically, it is more likely that even with low cards, the player will win. Leaving the hand because you have low cards is one of the mistakes not to make when playing Caribbean Poker by RealTime Gaming online. 
  • Do not bluff. In Caribbean Stud Poker bluffing is meaningless. You play against a software, which has no emotion and, therefore, will never be influenced by your body language.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can play Caribbean Stud Poker for free by using the demo option at any RTG casino.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a dynamic and fast game, which involves only one decision by the player.

Yes. It is available on tablets and smartphones, and on iOS and Android devices.


Caribbean Stud Poker is an easy and straightforward game, which involves applying the most common online poker games. The game include two people - the dear and the player. The goal of the game is to have a higher hand and beat the dealer. Players have a chance to play for fun from everywhere since the online game is available on smartphones and laptops.