Bonus Deuces Wild Review

June 11th, 2023



Bonus Deuces Wild by RealTime Gaming is a variation of video poker that uses the standard 52 cards deck. RealTime Gaming spun off this poker from the classic Jacks or Better game by adding the incentive payouts for different four of a kind hands. Essentially, this game blends Jacks or Better with the Deuces Wild to maintain lucrative payouts while introducing intriguing wild cards. Thus, the Bonus Deuces Wild comes with more excitement because a single draw can even spill deuces on the screen, thereby triggering big wins.

Specific Rules and Table Limit

When you play Bonus Deuces Wild for free or real money, a gamer can bet a maximum of 5 coins at a go. The size of coins ranges between $0.01 and $1.
A player is given 5 random cards from which they choose what to keep and what to discard. Once a player has selected what to keep, they simply press draw to get rid of the unwanted cards. This game pays based on the hand ranking on the paytable and the number of the wagered coins on that hand.

How to Play Bonus Deuces Wild

Bonus Deuces Wild video poker is easy to play because its gameplay is almost the same as that of the other variants of this game. A gamer places a bet at the beginning of the hand. A player is dealt 5 cards that they can opt to hold or discard to get new ones for a better winning hand.

Essentially, this video poker game recognizes several winning hands. Its payouts for every hand are also valuable. Bonus Deuces Wild has a colorful and simplistic interface. That means a player can never get bored or fed up when playing this game.

To play the Bonus Deuces Wild, examine the pay tables that are displayed on the screen. Set the maximum bet and then wager 5 coins per hand.
Betting the maximum number of coins unlocks the highest payout jackpot. The game begins after selecting the bet. Simply click the “Deal” button, and the machine will automatically dispense 5 random cards on the screen. These are your five cards for the starting hand that will form the basis for subsequent decisions. Select the cards to hold and cards to discard.

Bonus Deuces Wild attributes

Top Award

4,000 Credits


1, 3, 10, 52, and 100 (1, 3, 10, and 52 only for Flash)

Bonus Feature

Optional Double or Nothing Bonus

Feature Trigger

Any Win


Download, Flash

How to Win the Bonus Deuces Wild

Winning the Bonus Deuces Wild game requires a strategy. Always remember that the odds of having certain hands are complicated by the wild cards. In some cases, trashing a hand to increase the chances of getting a stronger one can help. That’s because payouts can increase for the next hand.

If dealt with 4 deuces, keep all of them. Discard non-deuces cards, especially 6-K, because the payouts will increase in the event of a 3, 4, 5, or Ace draw. If you get 3 deuces, draw 2 cards unless you get a Five of a Kind or a Wild Royal Flush. Discard non-deuces if you don’t get any of these and draw again.

Keep any four cards to the Royal Flush or Four of a Kind if dealt with 2 deuces. Keep the playing cards if you have one deuce. Keep the single pairs, four cards, and 3 cards to the Royal Flush if you don’t get any deuces off the bat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start with the demo version of this game to learn how it is played. Also, check the setting for the game before you start playing. Once you’ve done that, come up with a winning strategy after reading more about this game online. Remember that poker is a game of chance. And you get this chance by choosing appropriate cards to have a winning hand.

This video poker provides amazing features and bonuses. It also has an awesome interface that makes playing it fun. It’s a good game to play for fun or real money.

Set bigger bets to win the highest payout. That’s because a bigger bet comes with a better payout. Thus, you should set a higher bet amount to win the highest payout.

You can play this game at any online casino that features games by RealTime Gaming.


Bonus Deuces Wild gives a player the best of Deuces Wild and Bonus Poker. It comes with bonus payouts and exciting gameplay. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, you will find this game interesting and rewarding.