Blackjack Online Review

June 11th, 2023



RealTime Gaming is a company that offers top-notch online gambling products. While most of their products are online slots, there are several table games they offer. And one of them is blackjack. Also, while there are several variants of Blackjack by RTG that are on offer, there’s the classic version of the game at the forefront – incorporating the classic rules of the main. You will get to read more about this version by reading the rest of our review below.

Table Limits and Rules

The main Blackjack game made by RTG features all the rules that you can find in the regular version of the game. This means that both the player and the dealer get two cards at the outset of each round, and the goal is to get to 21 or as close to it as possible, without going bust. To do this, you will either hit or stand depending on what cards you’ll get – and the dealer will do the same.

The table limits are between $1 as the lowest bet you can place and $200 as the highest bet you can place. 

The dealer will hit when he gets a soft 17. The player could double down on and two cards on the screen. And the player could split all the other pairs except the aces – in up to 3 different hands.

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Playing Classic Blackjack

As mentioned before, the goal in blackjack is to reach the sum of 21. At the start of each round, both the player and the dealer receive two cards. The face cards will count as tens, the ace will count either as ten or as one, depending on what you need. The other cards are at face value.

You will get the option to hit or stand. If you hit, you get another card – again, your goal is to reach 21 or as close to it as possible and to beat the dealer.
It’s a game of both skill and chance. You will need to know how to implement various tactics and strategies to make the most of the game of blackjack. 

Winning at Classic Blackjack

Again, you will need to make delicate choices at times to win the round and make profits. But, in many cases, your guess will be just as good as anyone’s – meaning it will come down to luck. There are many blackjack charts that will help you determine the most viable and mathematically sound choices at certain points in the game. The estimated Return to Player rate for Blackjack is 99.44%, which is a quite solid starting point for the blackjack enthusiasts, as you will get a frequent payout if you play your card right.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there’s no such thing as getting a guaranteed win at Blackjack casino. 

Yes, you can find demo Blackjack by RTG in the lobby, and you can play Blackjack online for free. Get some practice rounds to see what the game is about and to see the game’s setting. It will offer an invaluable, free of charge experience.

Conclusion – a Fun Iteration of the Classic Blackjack Formula

Suppose you want to play blackjack for fun, head on to the casino lobby and play for as long as you want. Bear in mind that while blackjack is an easy game to learn – it’s difficult to master. You will need to implement all the mathematically sound strategies that you can get your hands on – and even then, a win is not guaranteed. Either way, we hope you’ll have fun playing Blackjack by RTG!