All American Poker Review

September 19th, 2023



All American Poker game is a pretty simple video poker game for a player searching for a game other than Jacks or Better, without necessities to learn different and complicated strategies. All American Poker by Realtime Gaming offers players a chance to earn more with the boosted payouts while satisfying those looking for fun.

If you have a standard deck of cards, nothing is stopping you from playing All American Poker. As you might be familiar with the ranging paytables with different variations, All American Poker casino game is no other than that. As this affects the payback percentage, it would be in your interest to learn the best paying option. In this review, you can find out how to play All American Poker online for free.

Basics of the Game

To help you become a winner in the All American Poker game and earn more, there are some strategies and rules. All American Poker is a pretty popular online card game that online video poker gamers play very often. This is because it offers a better online variant when one compares it with the land-based ones.

How to Play the Game

If you are familiar with the Jacks or Better, you will not have any difficulties with the All American Poker game rules. The reason is that the rules of All American Poker casino game are not different from the standard ones. Typically, first, you need to choose the size of your bet. We recommend you place the maximum bet to increase the winning chances, as in the other virtual poker games. You can stake five coins in the All American Poker variation.

After you make your bet, you will be given five random cards. You will now try to find a card from a winning hand by discarding some of your cards to replace. If you have the setting that is a winning combination, you will be awarded the amount which is stated on the paytable.

There is also a chance to double your profit by increasing the bet. In this variation, you will be shown one card facing up and the other facing down. Your aim with this kind of interpretation is to beat the one showing on the play screen. If you are successful with this variation, you will double your payout. On the other hand, if you are unlucky and your card has a lower value than the chosen one, you will lose your profit.

How to Win the Game

Different variations of the game can give you multiple chances to win. To understand the strategy, you need to remember the possible payouts of these variations. As we said before, All American Poker is one of those variations of Jacks or Better. However, four of a kind offers more chances to win with the higher payout ratios. Thus, players try to implement different All American Poker strategies to increase their chance of winning and getting increased paybacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All American Poker by Realtime Gaming can be played online. Many online casinos offer a demo version, and you can try the game for fun.

The highest number of cards in the deck is 52. Once the game starts, you will get five random cards.

No, but there are some strategies that you can try. It’s not possible to make sure that you win since the game relies on luck mostly.


If you are familiar with Jacks or Better, you will not face any difficulties. Having a chance to double your payout is a pretty exciting fact about All American Poker. Several basic strategies are mentioned above. You can play All American online for free. The rules are the same as the standard ones, making All American Poker an easy game.