Pulsar Slot Review

July 21st, 2023



The final frontier is at hand. The player has a chance to explore outer space in this new slot game by Realtime Gaming. What we’re talking about is Pulsar by RTG. It takes a somewhat unusual approach to slot games in that you won’t find the classic features like wild symbols and bonus games inside. The grid is also unique – it’s in the form of a honeycomb. There are 20 paylines that are fixed on the reels. By reading the rest of our Pulsar slot review, you will learn more about what this game is about.

Theme & Design

Once again, you will get to visit outer space. This is not an unusual theme for a slot game. You will feel like you’re in a spaceship on a mission to explore new planets. There are several different symbols at play, including planets, stars, asteroids, and the like. The fans of outer space will definitely like the thematic presentation of Pulsar slots.

Hopping From One Planet to Another

In the introductory paragraph, you’ve learned that the number of paylines in this slot machine is fixed to 20. This means that all you can do to play this game is select the size of the bet and spin the reels. The bet can range from $0.01 to $20. Hit the spin button, and the grid will reconfigure with new symbols that will win you or lose you some money.

The main feature of the game is the cascading reels. If you make a winning combination, the winning symbols will be replaced by new ones. This can help you make multiple cascading wins at a time. Also, there are Neutron Stars that will explode once their timer is up. Once they do, they affect surrounding symbols that are adjacent vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, depending on the color of the Neutron Star that initializes the explosion.

Pulsar attributes




20 Lines Fixed

Win Direction

Left to Right

Free Spins Eligible?




Win Money With Pulsar

The average RTP rate of Pulsar is around 96%. This goes for the long run, though, as it doesn’t necessarily follow that the casino will win money from every single player that plays the game in the short run. The biggest payout that you can get in a single spin is 50,000x your wager. The game features low volatility and is perfect for casual players who wish to have some fun playing online slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will know by seeing what color they are. A green star will destroy the symbols that lay horizontally next to it. A blue star will take away the adjacent vertical symbols. The pink star will destroy the adjacent side symbols, and, lastly, the red star will destroy the adjacent corners.

You can play Pulsar online slot for free. Just select the demo version at any RTG casino that features it, and you’re good to go.

The “Autoplay” feature helps you to spin the reels simultaneously for a preset number of spins without interruption while the Speed feature spins the reels at the speed of light.

Conquering Outer Space

Pulsar by RTG is quite a competent approach to outer space gaming. Playing Pulsar for real money is sure to bring you a lot of joy, as well as to play it just for fun. You can also download and play the mobile version of the game. The planets, stars and asteroids, and the entire space setting will be enjoyed by anyone with a remote interest in outer space. Have fun!