Loose Deuces Review

June 1st, 2023



Loose Deuces by RealTime Gaming comes with the excitement of the poker hand. It can be described as a modified Deuces Wild version. While the Four 2s pay more in this game, the Straight Flush and Five of a Kind pay less. That’s what makes this game different from the Deuces Wild.

Specific Rules and Table Limit

The Loose Deuces game follows the Jacks or Better video poker rules. The only exception is that the paytable and the wild cards are slightly altered. The paytable that appears on the machine at the top show how payouts differ depending on the number of coins that a player bets per hand. Wagering 5 coins at once gives the player a chance to win the highest payout by taking advantage of the bonus that comes with the cards that form the Natural Royal Flush.

To take advantage of the maximum payout, a player should increase the size of the coin until they feel comfortable with a five-coin bet. Once a gamer has chosen their coins’ number and size, they just click the “Deal” button to get the cards. The cards can be replaced by clicking on the cards to keep and pressing “Draw.”

Loose Deuces attributes


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Default Denominations

5, 25, 50, 100, and 500 units USD (pennies for USD)



House Edge


How to Play Loose Deuces

This game does not have a significant difference from the Deuces Wild. The only difference is that its payout lines are greater on the special rounds like Wild Royal Flush with 4 Deuces. To play Loose Deuces video poker, choose a reputable casino that features games by RealTime Gaming. Once you’ve done that, sign up for an account and navigate to this video poker game. Click on the game and wait for it to load. Once the game interface fills your screen, pick your coin denomination and the number of coins to bet per hand.

Once you’ve chosen the coin number and size per hand, click on the “Deal” button to get the first 5 cards. You can replace the cards you don’t want to keep with new ones. The cards marked “Hold” remain in hand while the others are discarded. You will be randomly dealt new cards by the machine.

The final hand is compared with the paytable to determine the winnings of a player. Three of a kind is the minimum payout hand in this poker game. A player gets a better payout for anything stronger than this.

How to Win Loose Deuces

Whether you want to play Loose Deuces for free or real money, your goal is to win. To achieve this goal, focus on creating the highest-paying hands.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Discard 1, 2, or 3 unmatched high cards
  • Discard 3 cards to a straight or a flush
  • Hold one of the two pairs only
  • Discard 3 cards and keep 2 deuces to a straight or a flush
  • Hold 3 deuces while discarding the rest even on a wild royal flush or straight flush
  • Hold 3 deuces while discarding 4 cards to the straight flush
  • Hold your pair with no Deuces
  • Hold 3 royal flush cards, straight flush, or 5 of a kind while discarding a pair
  • Hold 4 cards to the wild royal flush or a royal flush instead of a flush or straight.
  • Discard high cards

Frequently Asked Questions

This video poker game has simple gameplay. It’s a rewarding and exciting game for new and experienced players.

This video poker gets an exciting boost from wild cards. Check them out if you want to play this game for fun.

To earn good money from playing this video poker, come up with a strategy. Check the game setting section and then practice with the demo version before you start playing for real money. Whether you can make a living playing the Loose Deuces game or not depends on your bankroll, determination, and skills. But, always remember that video poker is a game of chance.

Video poker uses a random number generator. That means the outcome of every game can’t be manipulated. Thus, Loose Deuces is a fair game.

Final Verdict

Loose Deuces is a compelling and interesting variation of video poker. It comes with exciting gameplay while presenting a chance to win a good amount of real money. Choose a reputable casino by researching and reading at least one review. This will enhance your gaming experience and a chance to win big.