Icy Hot Multi-Game Slot Review

September 27th, 2023



What’s better than playing your favorite slot game on a sultry summer night? Playing two of them at once, of course! We assume this was the reasoning that led to the introduction of multi-board slots back in the 1950s. The first specimen was little more than two slots wired together, making the resulting beast twice as big as the regular slot machine. An average player couldn’t figure out how that might enrich their experience, and the idea didn’t catch on - but the seeds were sown.

The concept saw its resurgence more than half a century later when the digital gambling domain desperately needed to diversify the supply in response to the changing tastes of players. Icy Hot Multi-Game by Realtime Gaming is a prime example of such experiments: RTG attempts to deliver ordinary slot gameplay seasoned with novelty factors in this title. What came out of it? Read this Icy Hot Multi-Game slot review to find out!

Style & Graphics

RealTime Gaming knows when to make a vibrant and thoroughly decorated game and when to go for something less exquisite, Icy Hot Multi-Game being the latter. The game is about swapping regular symbols across its two boards of glaciers and lava. These boards occupy most of the screen anyway, so the decision to keep it basic in terms of visuals is perfectly justified.

Core Rules

The game fundamentals are built using a somewhat familiar formula, where one may win big both during the base game and in the bonus modes:

  • medium volatility;
  • 10 paylines across 5 reels;
  • bonus Wheel and Free Games features;
  • the jackpot of 50,000 times the bet per line.

In addition to Wilds and Scatters responsible for their usual task of multiplying the payouts and triggering extras, RTG adds Transferring Wilds to spice things up. While playing, you’ll want these to fully cover any reel, which automatically mirrors them onto the opposing reel of the other board and ramps up the reward accordingly.

Bonus Features

RTG follows an in-house standard of featuring at least two extras in each release, and Icy Hot Multi-Game is no exception. Here’s what awaits you in the bonus mode department:

Bonus Wheel. Triggered by the alignment of three corresponding symbols, the Wheel pauses the main game. It offers a wild spectrum of rewards - from x4 to x100 payout multiplier, a re-spin with an x5 multiplier attached, and the Jackpot, of course.

Free Games. This mode is tamer than its companion and copies the implementation from the classic RTG titles. The only difference is that you can now score 6 Scatters at once with two boards, which translates into 24 free spins instead of 12.


RTG’s first foray into the uncharted territory of multi-board games feels confident and lays the foundation for even more daring experimentation. Icy-Hot Multi-Game is a no-nonsense game with a heavy focus on the actual gameplay, and we can see its flawlessly implemented Bonus Wheel extra becoming a recurring feature in the upcoming RTG titles.