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Poker has always been played both for fun and real money from centuries ago. In the absence of technology, people were forced to convene in clubs to enjoy this game. However, the Internet’s rapid growth has made it possible to play Caribbean Holdem Poker online for free. Created by Realtime Gaming, this video poker variant promises a world-class experience like no other. As opposed to most poker games, you do not play the Caribbean Holdem Poker game against other players. Instead, you do so against the house. This review covers all that you need to know about the game.

Caribbean Holdem Poker Specific Rules

The player must abide by some rules when playing Caribbean Holdem Poker by Realtime Gaming. These include:

  • The player deals five cards. All cards are face-down beside the dealer that is exposed. Whereas a player can see their cards, you cannot discuss with the other players.
  • You can either fold or raise.
  • If you select to fold, it implies you have surrendered the card and associated side bet plus any ante bet made.
  • Deciding to raise means you must raise wager that is two times the ante.
  • You become a dealer by having a high-value card, an Ace, or King.
  • The lowest qualifying cards are the Ace, King, Four, Three, and Two. The highest value non-qualifying cards are the Ace, Jack, Queen, 10, and Nine.
  • A win is registered for the player when the dealer fails to qualify.
  • In the event the dealer qualifies and beats the player, both raise while the ante loses.
  • In case the dealer qualifies, but the player wins, the ante pays the raise plus money as per the paytable.
  • In case of a tie between the player and the dealer, both raise while the ante will push.

How to Play Caribbean Holdem Poker

There is no need to search for a physical Caribbean Holdem Poker casino to enjoy this game. Just play it online at Red Dog Casino. The game setting is such that you feel as if you are seated in front of a poker table when it launches.

Start playing the Caribbean Holdem Poker game by first placing a mandatory ante bet. The table limit is from $5 to $250. Having placed your bet, proceed to click on the skull on the screen table’s right-hand side. Doing so sets a side bet jackpot. The Caribbean Holdem Poker game jackpot is progressive.

Begin drawing cards by pressing the Deal button. The player and the dealer are each given two cards and three shared cards in the middle.

Vital features to note about the game include:

  • The progressive jackpot side bet
  • No limit on the wagering time
  • The side bet pay on the flop

How to Win Caribbean Holdem Poker

You play Caribbean Holdem Poker online for free under the demo option. To win real money, you need to bet real money. You stand a chance to win the desired payout by following some tips.

  • Tip 1 – Always raise when you have a pair or higher
  • Tip 2 – Always fold when with less than ace/king

These tips do not guarantee an absolute win but increase your chances for a win.


Is Caribbean Holdem Poker a recent game?

Caribbean Holdem Poker has been around for centuries.

Is there a time limit on wagering?

No. Feel free to wager for as long as you want.

What does it mean to fold in Caribbean Holdem Poker?

To fold means to surrender the card and the associated side bet plus any ante bet.

Is there an ante bet in Caribbean Holdem Poker?

Yes, you must place an ante bet to proceed.

Conclusion – a Centuries-Old Poker Game Relived in Modern Times

You can play Caribbean Holdem Poker online for free today. The game is designed so that both seasoned and beginner players will not have a hard time on it. It retains the same centuries-old strategies known for this poker game.

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